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Learning and Development - Auslan


To assist schools in the implementation and delivery of bilingual education for Deaf students using Auslan.

The Auslan project supports Deaf students in Qld state schools who use Australian Sign Language (Auslan) to communicate. The majority of these students are educated in mainstream classroom settings with the support of a teacher aide: educational interpreter and a teacher aide: Auslan language model.

Additional support is provided by the Regional Auslan Coach (RAC) and by teachers of the deaf working in special education programs or as advisory visiting teachers.

Deaf students who use Auslan require specific planning and educational support. Schools should use the appropriation to purchase appropriate educational resources and to build staff capacity by accessing appropriate professional development. Advice on such activities can be provided by the Auslan Project team.

Duration of program



State schools that have Auslan students enrolled.

Allocation of funds

Funds are allocated by the Auslan Project Manager to the participating schools who have enrolled Auslan students as required throughout the year. The various appropriation types paid to schools per calendar year, unless otherwise stated, include:

FundingBase schoolSchools with enrolled Auslan studentsSchools with new Auslan students enrolments*
Learning and Development/Resources-$4,000-
New schools supporting Auslan users--$7,000 once off
Technology--$5,000 once off
RAC allocation$5,000--
RAC base school allocation$1,000--

*Schools with new Auslan student enrolments refers to a school that has not had an Auslan student previously enrolled. The Learning and Development/Resources funding is not paid in the first year to a school that has not had Auslan students previously enrolled.

Learning and Development/Resources

This appropriation assists schools to purchase equipment and resources to assist with classroom communication. It should also be used to assist with the costs associated with Auslan-related professional development activities. Funding to individual schools will vary based on available budget.

New schools supporting Auslan users (one-off payment)

Schools with deaf and hearing impaired students are entitled to an initial appropriation to install safety equipment, such as flashing alarms for bells and warning systems, and to purchase equipment which will increase communication access in education facilities.

Technology appropriation (one-off payment)

This appropriation should be used to purchase equipment that can be used with high quality video footage and video conferencing.

RAC allocation

This payment will be paid to the base locations of RACs and will assist these officers in purchasing equipment and resources used to support Auslan students as well as access to Auslan-specific professional development as approved by the manager.

RAC base school allocation

This payment will be paid to the base locations hosting RACs to assist with the cost of hosting these officers.

Data requirements

DataSourceTime collected
Auslan student numbersRegional Auslan Coach, coordinated by managerCollected manually

Payment details

Payment times will vary according to when data and entitlements are available. Funds will be paid annually and for schools with new enrolments, funds will be paid promptly after the enrolment has been notified to the RAC.

Recoupment process

Funds are paid on the basis that Auslan students are enrolled at a school. Recoupment may be sought if the payment was made in error or where all enrolled students and supporting Auslan staff exit the school.

How to apply

Schools do not need to apply for this funding. Schools will automatically be identified as having Auslan students and will have entitlements calculated and paid.


Auslan Project Manager
State Schools - Disability and Inclusion
Telephone: (07) 3028 8104

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