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State Government Chaplaincy/Student Welfare Funding Program


To assist schools to engage the services of a chaplain or student welfare worker to provide additional social, emotional and spiritual support to students.

State schools do not directly employ chaplains/student welfare workers, and are required to engage a chaplain/student welfare worker through an Accredited Employing Authority (AEA) that offers chaplaincy/student welfare worker services.

Duration of program



State Schools

In 2007, 128 state primary and secondary schools with the largest student populations in the lowest Broad Socio-Economic Grouping were identified to participate in the program.

In 2012, the Queensland Government committed further funds to support schools with access to chaplaincy/student welfare worker services. Selection criteria included schools in the low and mid-low range of the Broad Socio-Economic Grouping, with enrolments greater than 100 students, and not already receiving funding for a chaplain or student welfare worker. A total of 147 state schools receive an annual allocation on a recurrent basis under this program.

As funds under this program are fully committed additional schools are unable to join this program at this time.

Allocation of funds

Funding is allocated according to the following formula:

Data requirements

The AEA is required to provide quarterly reporting to the Department of Education which includes information on:

Payment details

PaymentDuring month ofProportion of allocation paid

How to apply

Funds under this program are fully committed.

Schools may choose to engage a chaplain or student welfare worker through community raised funds, or through the National School Chaplaincy Program and Student Welfare Services Program (2016-2018) if successful in their application for funding under these programs.

Further information

For further information please refer to the following links or the contact details below:

Chaplaincy / student welfare worker services

Caplaincy funding guidelines Microsoft® Word document


State Schools Division
Telephone: (07) 3513 5827

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