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Computers for Teachers - IPS Opt Out Program


To provide funding to Independent Public Schools (IPS) who choose to opt out of the direct supply approach under the Computers for Teachers (CFT) program and receive a cash appropriation to manage the program within the school.

Duration of program


Eligibility criteria for funding

Independent Public Schools

Where a school opts out, they remain outside of the CFT Program for 4 years. They may choose to opt back in at the end of their 4 years.

Allocation of funds

Funding is calculated as follows:

Number of eligible staff x (contract cost of the base model laptop or the actual cost of the laptop purchased by the school [whichever is less]).

Payment details


During month of

Proportion of allocation paid


In line with the monthly payments


Data requirements

Data requiredData source
e.g. OneSchool / CS / Spreadsheet (name and location)
Time collected
e.g. which census / as required / month
No. of eligible staff at time of opting outTSS Payroll dataAt time of opting out
Price of CFT base model for the current financial year (FY) tenderCFT tender for current FYAt time of opting out
Price of laptop school has requested from vendor (proof of purchase is required)School purchase order / vendor invoiceAt time of purchase / opting out

How to apply

To participate in the program, schools should:

  1. Seek validation of their approach from their regional technology manager.
  2. Notify the Manager, Computers for Teachers, that the school wishes to opt out of the direct supply CFT program.


Computers for Teachers
Education Systems Engagement
Telephone: (07) 3328 6681

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