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Utilities Appropriation: Facilities


To assist schools with the costs of electricity and Local Government Authority and Council services such as sewerage, waste removal (garbage) and water.

Costs may vary considerably according to local circumstances and the price structure of Local Government Authorities and Councils. As a result, the allocation of funds will reflect the unique nature of each school.

Duration of Program


Policy Reference

Implementation of School-based Management in Queensland State Schools - March 1999

More details are available at: (DETE employees only)


All Queensland State schools including special schools, environmental education centres and outdoor education centres

Allocation of Funds

Recurrent Funding

Entitlements are calculated by treating various utilities differently with data provided from each school as follows:

ElectricityBase consumption = 2012/13 year consumptionBase consumption x current tariff (1)
WaterBase consumption = 2012/13 year consumptionBase consumption x current water price
Other Categories (2)Utilities expenditure extract from OneSchool in July (3)Actual expenditure from previous financial year

(1) New buildings are automatically factored into calculation
(2) Gas, sewerage, waste
(3) OneSchool data is checked for accuracy, compared with prior year data and amended if necessary. The audited expenditure provides the data for calculation of the following years utilities funding ie 2015/16 data is used for calculating 2017 funding.

Note: Entering accurate utilities expenditure, categorisation and consumption into OneSchool with appropriation GL code ensures the accurate calculation of future utilities funds and department/whole-of-government reporting.

Contingency Funding

Contingency funding may be available where schools have experienced increased utilities usage as a result of a specific incident beyond their control. Allocations will depend on the nature of the incident and the extent of the additional costs.

Funding for new schools

New schools will be funded for their utility costs through reimbursement of paid invoices as there is no historical data available for funding calculations.

Reimbursement of invoices will continue until the school operation stabilises, for example, current stages of development are complete and enrolment numbers have steadied.

Reimbursement for invoices received by more than one week prior to the approved schedule deadline for school appropriations will be processed and paid in the next payment to schools. 2017 School Appropriation Payment Calendar (DETE employees only)

Data Requirements

DataSourceTime collected
Utilities Costs & ConsumptionOneSchoolJuly each year

Payment Details

Semester 1 RecurrentFebruary50% of annual allocation
Semester 2 RecurrentJune/July50% of annual allocation
ContingencyMonthlyAs calculated

How to Apply

Schools do not need to apply for the annual appropriations. These will be automatically calculated and paid.

For contingency funding, schools should contact the Facilities Services Officer below.


Facilities Services Officer
Infrastructure Services
Telephone: (07) 3034 4542

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