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Local Accommodation Committee Funding


To assist schools with the administration and management of the tenancy of employee housing in rural and remote locations.

Funds are held in trust by the school for small maintenance actions on departmental accommodation.

Duration of program



State Schools and Education Units where Local Accommodation Committee administration is conducted.

330 schools maximum

Allocation of funds

Funds are administered by regions which in turn allocate funds to schools. The total budget in 2018 is $478,880.00.

Notional funding is allocated based on the number of residences, with some variation for remoteness based on transfer ratings, staff turnover, multi-tenancies and condition of facilities.

New funds are provided where the funds have been expended appropriately and expenditure is coordinated with the Local Accommodation Committee, with the Principal of the school administering the funds as the accountable officer. Payments can be more than once per financial year.

It is expected that the funds will be used for the following items:

(a) mower and whipper snipper provision, repairs and replacement,
(b) mowing the lawns of vacant residences during vacations,
(c) reallocating departmental furniture within a centre,
(d) moving tenants within a centre where this move is at the request of the Local Accommodation Committee,
(e) provision of sets of master keys,
(f) small repairs to locks, doors and other small repairs to residences to facilitate resolution of tenancy issues,
(g) administrative resources support for the Local Accommodation Committees and the LAC Administrative Assistants where they are employed and
(h) cleaning and or small repairs of residences and yards prior to new tenancies or to minimise further damage,
i. where tenants have failed to clean or repair damage on vacate, or
ii. where existing tenants have failed to clean or repair after annual inspections and notice to remedy breach processes have been followed, (all repairs other than minor repairs are to be referred to the Infrastructure Advisor).

Individual regions manage these funds to ensure that expenditure and fund balances in schools are managed as efficiently as possible for the approved purpose and may expend funds directly as an alternative to appropriations to school.

Data requirements

DataSourceTime Collected
Number of residencesRegionAs required
Detailed transaction listingSchoolAs required
Balance of fundsSchoolAs required

Payment details

Funds are provided to schools on behalf of Local Accommodation Committees on an adhoc basis depending on needs and timing of data collection or reporting. Payments are included in the next available monthly school payment.

How to apply

Schools do not need to apply for these funds. Local Accommodation Committees liaise with schools who administer these funds on behalf of the committees and regional officers as required to determine funding needs.

Further information

For further information please refer to the following factsheet or the contact details below.

Local Accommodation Committee Funds Purpose Instruction Microsoft® Word document 27K


Should you require any further information, please contact your regional office as follows:

RegionPhone number
Metropolitan(07) 3028 8203
Central Queensland(07) 4932 4032
South East(07) 5656 6701
North Coast(07) 4122 0844
North Queensland(07) 4758 3382
Far North Queensland(07) 4037 3852
Darling Downs South West(07) 4616 3784

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