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Textbook and Resource Allowance - Policy and Procedures: State Schools


The department provides assistance to parents of secondary school age students attending state and approved non-state schools to contribute towards the cost of textbooks and learning resources.

Expenditure guidelines

Parents have the option to receive the allowance directly or as an offset of fees associated with participation in any school textbook and resource scheme. This option is made available to each parent annually.

Duration of program


Policy reference

Textbook and Resource Allowance Procedure External Link
Student Resource Scheme Procedure External Link
Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 Chapter 13, Sections 368,369 Adobe PDF document External Link


The following students are eligible:

The following students are NOT eligible:

Form of assistance

Cash allowance paid through the school attended.

Payment details

Textbook and Resource Allowance is calculated on full time equivalent (FTE) enrolment census data. For most schools, payments will be made automatically without the need for manual claim forms. See Part 1 for payment details and timeframes.

Given the additional complexity of enrolment profiles in Schools of Distance Education and campuses of the Australian Agricultural College, separate hard copy claim processes will be used. See Part 2 for payment details and timeframes.

Part 1 - Secondary Schools and Special Schools

(see separate process for SDEs and Agricultural Colleges)

Payment details - part 1 for Textbook and Resource Allowance
Timeframe Activity
January/February Initial payment of 80% of entitlement based on FTE state school enrolments (July census from previous year)
April/May Adjustment payment based on February enrolment data for the current year (subject to availability of validated census data)
September/October Supplementary payments based on July enrolment data.
New enrolments entering schools between March and July will be identified and payments made.
The few students who enrol and then leave between the February and July census dates will not attract a TRA payment from the department. Schools are required to pay the equivalent value of the TRA to the parent/caregiver or the next school.
Students who commence studies after the first Friday in August have no entitlement.

Part 2 - Schools of Distance Education (SDE) and Agricultural Colleges

Payment details - part 2 for Textbook and Resource Allowance
Timeframe Activity
March Combined Initial and Adjustment payment based on eligible students at the end of February and submitted on hard copy claims to School Financial Services by 31 March
August Supplementary payments based on eligible students enrolled between February and 31 July and not previously claimed by any other Queensland school. Hard copy claims to be submitted to School Financial Services by 31 August


No claims can be made for students who commence studies after the first Friday in August.
Any claim received after 30 November will not be considered for payment.
Retrospective payments are not made for benefits in previous years.

Allowance rates for 2014

Allowance rates for Textbook and Resource Allowance
Year level Amount
Years 8-10 $115 per student per annum
Years 11-12 $250 per student per annum
Ungraded students 13 years of age at 1 January $115 per student per annum
Ungraded students 15 years of age at 1 January $250 per student per annum
Two year full time course at an Agricultural College $250

Part time students are entitled to the relevant FTE fraction of the allowance e.g. 0.2 FTE Yr 8 = $23.00.

Pro rata refunds and payments

Any students transferring after the end of February from any Queensland secondary school (state or non-state), a pro rata refund of TRA will be paid to the parent.

In order to achieve consistency among schools, pro rata refunds and payments should be made on the basis of a 40 week school year.

Related policy

Textbook and Resource Allowance is closely linked with Student Resource Schemes in most schools. Pro rata refunds of Textbook and Resource Allowance are often combined with refunds under student resource schemes.


All schools other than Schools of Distance Education, Milpera State High School and Australian Agricultural College campuses in Queensland will receive payments automatically based on census data. No manual claim forms will be required.

Schools making manual claims will receive relevant forms directly from School Financial Services when required.

Data requirements

Data requirements for textbook and resource allowance

Data required Data source Time collected
Enrolments (State Schools, State High Schools and Special Schools) OneSchool (OS) Data maintained by schools February, July
Student enrolment counts by year level - NSS State Survey Data Collection for Non-State Schools February
Enrolments (SDE, AGC and Homestay) Eligible students at the end of February and submitted on hard copy claims to School Financial Services March, August


School Financial Services
Telephone: (07) 3034 5822
Facsimile: (07) 3034 5890

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