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Maintenance - planned and unplanned (routine breakdown)


To assist schools with planned and unplanned school maintenance requirements.

Planned maintenance will include identified scheduled maintenance eg. replacing carpet, repainting.

Unplanned maintenance may include repairs and breakdown.

Duration of program



All state school facilities, excluding Public Private Partnership (PPP) schools.

School principals and their communities have the choice to continue to use Building and Asset Services (BAS) to deliver all maintenance services or source local contractors to deliver planned, emergency and routine breakdown maintenance via a direct to market delivery option. Schools are able to choose their maintenance provider at the commencement of each financial year.

Schools choosing direct to market delivery will be allocated funds directly to their bank account.

Expenditure guidelines

Targeted funding to schools for planned maintenance tasks selected from OneSchool facilities M1 maintenance tasks. Schools report on planned maintenance expenditure through OneSchool cost centre 2067 and emergency routine breakdown maintenance through cost centre 2068.

Allocation of funds

An annual budget of $58.16 million (2017-2018) is allocated to schools based on the following factors and weightings. This model has been designed to provide a fair and reliable distribution mechanism.

Each school is allocated a minimum of $7,500.

The factors used in the calculation are weighted to apply the locality index. This ensures that a school in a more remote area, where maintenance costs are higher, receive a proportionately higher allocation.

The allocation is not split into planned and unplanned components, however it is generally appropriate for these categories to be divided 50/50. Schools may adjust this division dependant on their individual needs and work with their infrastructure advisors to determine an appropriate division.

A contingency budget of $6 million (2017-2018) is proportionately provided to and is managed by each Regional Infrastructure Unit. Contingency funding is allocated to schools on a case by case basis where a special need is identified. Contingency funding can be applied for by schools through Regional Infrastructure Managers and appropriated to schools throughout the year.

Data requirements

DataSourceTime Collected
EnrolmentsPerformance Monitoring and ReportingFebruary
Gross Floor Area (GFA)InfrastructureAdhoc
Asset Replacement ValueFinance BranchAdhoc
Locality IndexCISAdhoc

Payment details


Recoupment process

Payments may need to be recouped from schools where unplanned maintenance is inappropriately charged to the centrally funded emergency allocation. (The emergency allocation is available to address serious or dangerous faults only, for example fire, major water leak or security issue, loss of water supply or power to whole facility).

Where costs have been inappropriately charged to the emergency fund, the cost of the unplanned maintenance activity will be recouped. Unplanned maintenance is provided to address routine breakdown/corrective maintenance and repairs e.g. failed toilets, lights, locks, electrical issues etc.

How to apply

Schools do not need to apply for these funds. Entitlements will be calculated automatically and paid directly to schools each year.


Asset Maintenance Schools
Telephone: (07) 3034 4532.

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