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Policy statement: Assessments administered by guidance officers or psychologists

A guidance officer or psychologist determines the appropriateness of psychoeducational assessment when a student experiencing educational difficulties has been referred by a teacher. Psychoeducational assessment will only be administered to students enrolled or about to be enrolled in state schools and the information is used to develop recommendations and strategies to support the student's educational needs.

The guidance officer or psychologist informs parents, and where appropriate the student, of the purpose, nature and implications of psychoeducational assessment and gains informed written consent of parents prior to test administration.

Restricted psychoeducational test authorisation

Senior guidance officers[1] supervise the R2 restricted psychoeducational test authorisation process.

To administer an R2 restricted psychoeducational test guidance officers and psychologists must complete:

When satisfied the officer meets these requirements the senior guidance officer:

Senior guidance officers provide ongoing professional supervision to guidance officers and psychologists in the use of restricted psychoeducational tests, interpretation of results and report writing.

The department endorses training materials, procedures and user qualifications required for restricted psychoeducational test authorisation, and annually publishes a list of approved restricted psychoeducational tests for use in state schools.

Restricted psychoeducational test administration

Parents are provided with information about the purpose, nature and implications of the intended psychoeducational assessment, which allows them to provide written informed consent for the psychoeducational assessment process to commence. This information may also be provided to students.

Guidance officers and psychologists are required to follow the process of psychoeducational assessment and administer culturally appropriate restricted psychoeducational tests approved by the department strictly in accordance with test manual instructions.

Psychoeducational assessment information is used to assist in developing recommendations and strategies to support student's educational needs, but not to make a diagnosis. Where results of a psychoeducational assessment suggest some evidence of a condition that requires a diagnosis, the results are referred through the Educational Adjustment Program process to a Verifier or to a health professional (for example, paediatrician, psychiatrist) for formulation of a diagnosis.

A signed written report is provided to the relevant school staff including teacher/s, parents, and where appropriate, students. Where possible this occurs in conjunction with a meeting held at school to ensure clear explanation of the results and the educational implications.

Signed written report/s and supporting documentation are stored in the student's guidance file, and where practicable, relevant information is stored in OneSchool. Restricted psychoeducational test results and guidance files are stored securely - completed proformas/protocols/record forms are not stored in student general school files. Confidential student guidance files are registered in HP TRIM and movement of files is managed through the department's information retrieval system.

Confidentiality of information obtained through the use of restricted psychoeducational testing is protected in accordance with legislative requirements (Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (Qld) Section 426 Adobe PDF document External Link).

Restricted psychoeducational tests are not available for borrowing by staff for use outside of their departmental role.

Restricted psychoeducational test material ordering and storage

Senior guidance officers consider requests to access or purchase restricted psychoeducational tests, register and manage the regional collection of restricted psychoeducational test materials, ensure the arrangements for the secure storage of restricted psychoeducational test materials and guidance files and ensure that all regional staff are aware of the protocols for keeping materials secure.

A regionally nominated senior guidance officer liaises with test suppliers and coordinates restricted psychoeducational test order processes for the region, with reference to the List of approved restricted psychoeducational tests before making regional purchasing decisions.

Supporting documents:

[1]Where a senior guidance officer is not an authorised user of the restricted psychoeducational test, an authorised senior guidance officer is nominated to ensure and authorise that the psychoeducational assessment capabilities are met.

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