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Working together to maximise student learning

The department has developed the Parent and Community Engagement Framework to help schools, parents and the community to work together to maximise student learning. Research shows parent and community engagement that is effectively focused on student learning can deliver powerful outcomes (OECD, 2011).

Support materials have been designed to help schools, parents and the community focus effectively on the key outcome of student learning. A compelling case is provided for each aspect of engagement as well as guiding questions for all partners to reflect on their needs and priorities. Practical strategies are included, which schools, parents and the community can adopt and/or adapt to suit their local needs.

Why is parent and community engagement important?

Research shows that the most successful schools engage students, parents, carers and the community as partners in supporting student learning. Many schools have already developed strategies to engage with parents and community. The overwhelming evidence that parent engagement has a positive effect on student achievement has led to all state schools and their communities being encouraged to strengthen their engagement - with and between students, teachers, parents and carers, support staff, community, industry and business groups.

This framework outlines 5 key elements of parent and community engagement to make a positive difference in our students' education.

Key elements of the framework


Effective communication is an exchange between parents and carers, communities and schools that involves information sharing and opportunities to learn about each other.

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Learning partnerships

Partnerships between parents and carers, communities and schools that promote student learning and high expectations for student success.

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Community collaboration

Relationships with the school and wider community to strengthen the ability of schools and families to support student learning and development outcomes.

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Parents, carers and community member play meaningful roles in school decision-making.

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Parent, carer and community participation in student learning and the school community is acknowledged and valued.

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Framework policy

Download the Parent and Community Engagement Framework policy document:

An image of the 5 framework sections as detailed on this page: communication, learning partnerships, community collaboration,decision-making and participation.

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11 December 2015

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