Community collaboration

Schools do not exist in isolation - they are often the central hub of their community. Schools should leverage their position in the community to work together with other community members, for the benefit of all.

Effective collaboration provides opportunities for schools to develop a better understanding of their broader community and to build strong relationships within their local context.

Community members and organisations offer unique knowledge, expertise and perspectives that schools can use to enhance student wellbeing and make learning more authentic and connected.

Community approaches to learning improvement make it possible for schools to form strategic partnerships with families and community organisations. This type of collaboration can help address issues external to the school and better support students' learning and wellbeing and their ability to come to school ready and able to learn.

Points for consideration

  • What are the key characteristics and strengths of the community (for example, demography, diversity, geographic location, local industries)?
  • What can the community do to support the school in areas such as drug education, antibullying, civic responsibility and the development of social skills?
  • What does the community, including local employers, expect from the school? How can they help students?
  • How do community members/organisations show their commitment to working with the school? What is the purpose of the engagement?
  • Has a genuine collaborative relationship been established between the school and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and individuals?
  • How can the school leverage community, industry and business knowledge and skills?
  • Are there opportunities to develop relationships with the community that could deliver more innovative models of education and training?
  • How does the school create clarity around roles and responsibilities in the relationships it forms with community organisations and groups?


New parent fact sheets are available to support children's learning at every stage of schooling. A fact sheet for schools to support parents engagement has also been developed with ideas for the whole school and classrooms.

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18 January 2018
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18 January 2018

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