Effective communication between schools, parents, students and the community forms the foundation for developing and maintaining partnerships. To have a significant impact on student outcomes, communication needs to be focused on student learning and wellbeing. It must also be a genuine exchange of information and ideas between the student, the school, the home and the community.

Schools have a responsibility to help parents understand the 'language of learning' including the terms used by teachers in the classroom with students to communicate learning goals and expectations. This will assist parents to discuss learning with their child at home and to effectively communicate with teachers using a common language.

Points to consider

  • Is student progress communicated to parents in a positive and meaningful way? How? Are parents advised of student's strengths as well as areas for improvement?
  • Is it clear what teachers and parents need to discuss? How is this communicated?
  • Is the school using language that is clear and accessible to parents and students and helpful for exploring learning development, challenges and success?
  • How can school leaders work with parents and the community to establish a shared set of expectations about schooling?
  • What practices support communication between the school and parents' individual circumstances including working parents, rural and remote parents and parents with a disability?
  • What practices support communication between the school and parents from diverse backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents, and parents who have English as an Additional Language or Dialect?
  • Do all parents feel comfortable communicating with school staff? Do parents know the school's preferred communication channels? Is the school flexible with these arrangements? Does the school know parents' preferred modes of communication?
  • Is genuine communication occurring between the school and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents, families and community Elders?
  • How does the school communicate with industry and business partners?


New parent fact sheets are available to support children's learning at every stage of schooling. A fact sheet for schools to support parents engagement has also been developed with ideas for the whole school and classrooms.

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18 January 2018
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18 January 2018

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