School culture

Respectful relationships between the school, students, parents and the school community need to be actively cultivated and valued.

Nurturing a culture that respects and values difference amongst the whole school community is vital in supporting the inclusive engagement of all families.

Parent and community participation in student learning and the school community should be acknowledged and recognised. This involvement sends a clear signal to students about the value of education.

Points to consider

  • How is the school welcoming and supportive of all children and parents?
  • What opportunities are given for parents and community members to participate in school activities?
  • How does the school support and maintain mutually respectful relationships across its community?
  • How does the school appreciate and value students' varying cultural backgrounds?
  • How does the principal and senior management team build the cultural competence of school staff?
  • How can volunteers contribute to teaching, learning and wellbeing?
  • How does the school community recognise and support volunteers?
  • Are parents notified about major events well in advance so they can plan ahead? How?
  • Does the school celebrate significant cultural days and events reflective of the broader Queensland community (for example, NAIDOC)?


New parent fact sheets are available to support children's learning at every stage of schooling. A fact sheet for schools to support parents engagement has also been developed with ideas for the whole school and classrooms.

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18 January 2018
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18 January 2018

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