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Creating respectful school communities

Queensland Government is committed to tackling the growing issue of violent and abusive behaviour across school communities. The Respect our staff, respect our school campaign aims to create safer and more respectful communities across Queensland state schools.

We all have different beliefs, expectations and experiences, so there are inevitably going to be times where conflicts or disagreements occur in schools.

How we handle those conflicts can make a significant difference to the learning and development of our students and the positive environments we aim to foster.

The safety of our students and staff is the number one priority and we can all play our part in ensuring that our schools are safe and respectful places to be.

Violent or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated in our schools. It's not just a courtesty. It's the law.

Supporting our campaign

Resources for schools and families

We have worked with P&Cs Qld to develop a bank of resources to help raise awareness within school communities and to provide support to staff dealing with confrontational behaviour.

More information

The Parent and community engagement framework is great resource that supports schools to engage with parents and communities and work together to maximise student learning outcomes.

Complaints and feedback advice is available on the Queensland Government website.

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