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Frequently asked questions - Religious instruction (RI) in Queensland state schools

Religious instruction (RI) is a program of instruction that is approved and provided by a faith group during normal school hours to eligible students (Years 1-12) for up to 1 hour per week by an approved religious instructor.

Why is RI provided?

The provision of RI during school hours in Queensland state schools is legislated in Chapter 5 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 Adobe PDF document External Link and Part 5 of the Education (General Provisions) Regulation 2017.

Is RI compulsory?

RI is not compulsory, nor is it provided to students in the Preparatory Year (Prep). Consistent with legislation, any parent of a student enrolled at a state school may withdraw the student from RI by notifying the principal in writing. During the period allocated for RI, students who are not participating in RI must be provided with other instruction in a separate location (not in the same room).

Who can provide RI?

Legislation allows any minister of a religious denomination or society, or an accredited representative of a faith group who has been approved by the Minister of Education, to provide RI.

RI is not part of a teacher's or chaplain's duties. However, if a chaplain or a teacher works part-time, they may choose to provide RI in their own time, outside of their scheduled work hours.

Who can attend RI?

Students (in Years 1-12) who have parental consent (as per Application for Student Enrolment External Link or other written parental advice) can attend.

How is RI delivered?

RI is delivered when students who are members of a faith group are enrolled at the school and there is a capacity for that faith group to deliver an authorised program. Local arrangements for the delivery of RI by faith groups to relevant students are made either as a single arrangement or a cooperative arrangement.

Who determines the content of RI classes?

The faith group determines the content of RI programs. The religious leader of the faith group approves the program of instruction. If the faith group is a member of a cooperative arrangement for RI, then the program of instruction is approved by all participating religious leaders.

RI is not a curriculum or syllabus provided by the Department of Education and Training. The Department has no involvement in the selection of content for RI, however, the principal is responsible for ensuring that the content of the RI program does not contravene legislation or departmental policies.

Who determines the content of the other instruction?

The principal in consultation with the school community will determine the types of activities offered to students not participating in RI. Other instruction must relate to part of a subject area that has already been covered in a student's class, for example: homework tasks; personal research and/or assignments; revision of class work and wider reading; or other activities.


For further information, please contact your regional Principal Advisor, Education Services.

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