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Computers for Teachers

What is it?

Since 2006, Computers for Teachers has been providing eligible teachers with the tool of trade they need in today's digital world. The laptop rollout is part of the Queensland Government's commitment to the future of teaching and learning. The Queensland Office of the Government Statistician (OGS) conducted an an evaluation of the trial, which measured changes in access, usage and attitudes of teachers.

Every state school teacher who works at least two days a week in a permanent position is eligible to receive a laptop. School-funded teaching positions are not eligible for a Computers for Teachers laptop. This includes grant funding and regionally funded projects, such as National Partnerships, Greater Results Guaranteed, Project 600 and mentoring programs. Schools can request laptops by submitting an additional laptop form (DETE staff only)

To ensure teachers gain access to the latest technology, the laptop models selected for distribution change each financial year.

Computers for Teachers laptops that have reached the end of their 4-year lifespan will be replaced with new model laptops. End-of-life laptops are collected by the Computers for Teachers team and disposed of in line with the government's Green ICT Strategy, which aims to reduce the environmental footprint of electronic waste throughout the government.

In addition, eligible school management staff have the opportunity to order 3G SIM cards providing 24/7 access to the departmental network. To order a 3G SIM card complete the order form (DETE staff only) in Service Centre Online.

Teachers also have access to Microsoft IT Academy (DETE staff only)which provides online training and qualifications in Microsoft products and technologies.

Service Centre Online (DETE staff only) can help you with faults and technical difficulties.

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20 January 2015
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20 January 2015
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