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Email backups

Did you know school staff should be in the habit of backing up their own school emails for audit purposes? The Service Centre regularly receives enquiries from school staff to retrieve emails they've accidently deleted. Charges for retrieving 'lost/missing' emails (which upon investigation, 90% of queries are the result of a 'delete' action) involve a charge of $150/hr for a minimum of 4 hours' work for retrieval.

Online survey tools

If using an online survey tool outside of what the department supports, you must not use your EQ email address for registration. This will almost always cause interference with the department's SPAM system, meaning you won't receive important registration emails.


Get some support on:

The Service Centre Online contains help articles meant for the average user. Either use the 'Popular Topics' links, such as Email or MIS, or type your concern or query into the 'Search' field.

Know how to better manage Internet connection speeds.

Understand the policies that underpin your and your students' use of the web at school.

Want to upgrade your skills?

Ask your MIS administrator to mentor you - they can then delegate certain MIS roles to you, such as:

  • Generating and analysing MIS reports to provide advice on the internet use by school staff and students at your school
  • Manage Users and Groups - meaning you can help troubleshoot any account/email issues staff and/or students may have, you can alter students' filtering level, and adjust their email/web space quota
  • Mailing Groups - have the ability to create and manage mailing groups for your school
  • Filtering - managing which websites your school staff and students have access to

It's also a great idea to speak to your MIS administrator/School Website Maintainer about learning how to manage your school's website. School websites constantly require updating and maintaining, and the more helpers, the better.

Log into the MIS

Log into the MIS Portal/web mail or explore the updated MIS Portal.

Provide some feedback

Suggest an improvement to the Managed Internet Service.

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12 April 2013
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12 April 2013
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