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School Websites

The Managed Internet Service provides schools with the ability to host their school and personal websites on the internet. Head to the Web Publishing for Schools website for comprehensive advice, support and training materials when creating a website.

Searching for information on the Joomla security update?

Creating and maintaining your school website

The department supports two web publishing platforms:

  • Joomla! content management system, as part of the Managed Internet Service
  • Websites for Schools - a new initiative to create, edit and manage school websites, hosted centrally by the department.

Any school website created outside these two avenues is deemed 'non-standard'.

While the department continues to support Joomla!, it is encouraging schools to migrate to Websites for Schools.

For both supported solutions, schools are required to have a site manager. Whichever content management system your school is using, it is important that more than one staff member is trained to use it.

If you do not know how to update your school website, please contact the Service Centre - contact details are on OnePortal's ICT help (for departmental staff only).

For further information about Websites for Schools, and how to participate, please visit the Websites for Schools page on the Smart Classrooms website.

Non-standard school websites

If your school website was created using something other than Joomla or Websites for Schools (thereby deemed 'non-standard'), it's important that you are aware of the responsibility in ensuring your site continues to meet the department's hosting, security and publishing standards.

If the staff member who created your non-standard website has now left, or you are otherwise not able to maintain this website, visit the Websites for Schools Help Site to watch the information session on upgrading your website to a Websites for Schools model.

For more information about this initiative, please view the Websites for Schools information pack (PDF, [an error occurred while processing this directive]) or contact the Websites for Schools team on 1800 680 445 and select option 2 then 8.

Joomla security update

The Joomla security update was completed in December, 2012.

The Migration Guide (DOC, 568K) assisted schools through the update. For support with your new Joomla website, please contact the Service Centre on 1800 680 445 or log a job through Service Centre Online.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find detailed support on creating a website?

Aside from your school website, school staff can also create websites (for educational purposes) and upload it. For support with this, see your school's MIS administrator, or view the MIS User Manual by clicking the yellow lightbulb while logged in to the MIS Portal

Head to the Web Publishing for Schools website for comprehensive advice, support and training materials when creating any website.

The advice covers site design and maintenance, planning sites, the use of commercial activity and logos, copyright, policies, backup and version control, search engine optimisation and risk management.

Where do I find the new Queensland Government logo for my school website?

The DG distributed an email in August 2012 notifying of a move to the Coat of Arms. The current Queensland Government logo (shield and rays) should no longer be used on departmental material which includes school websites.

The department provides ongoing support for school websites built on Websites for Schools SharePoint 2010 and the department's Joomla installation. The Queensland Government logo has been updated for Websites for Schools and will be updated for Joomla sites by December.

Schools with custom built websites using something other than the department's Joomla or Websites for Schools (thereby deemed 'non-standard'), should be aware of their responsibility to ensure the school website is updated with the new Queensland Government logo (DETE staff only).

Why can't I edit my school Joomla website at home?

Access to the 'Administration panel' of school websites built with Joomla is available outside the DETE network via VPN only. In October 2012, there was an outage of the Joomla Web Content Management System due to a security event. As a result, 'Administration panel' access to school Joomla websites was disabled. The outage was resolved soon after.

To prevent further security incidents, Administration access to school Joomla websites, while not connected to the department's network, will remain inaccessible unless connecting via VPN. This restriction in access to Joomla websites now aligns with those participating in the Websites for Schools program.

Is dynamic web hosting available as part of the MIS?

Yes, dynamic hosting is available on the MIS hosting platform and has the capability to run asp/php scripts. However, there is limited support and no training available for the code and/or the database unless a problem occurs with the software used to provide the service. The department made changes in Semester 1 2012 to update the webhosting platform version.

What support is provided for using php/asp code or the MySQL database?

There are many forums online that can assist with programming questions or problems. The Service Centre provides support only for the underlying systems that deliver web hosting and database services.

Note: If you are using poor code that causes issues for other users, the system administrators may disable portions of, or, your entire site until the problems are resolved.

What Administration tools can I use to manage my MySQL database?

The administration interface is accessible via the MIS Portal. The MySQL interface used is actually based on a freely available and widely used product called 'phpMyAdmin' external icon. There is no need to download and install from this site.

How much space is allocated for the database?

The database file is stored as part of either your school or personal web hosting space. The only limit on the size of the database is the amount of web space quota allocated to your school or user ID.

Can a school apply to increase their web space quota?

Yes. The current allocation for web storage for a school is based on the day 8 enrolment figures each year.


Web space quota







The web space quota is the total amount allocated for all school websites, including personal websites for staff and students. Staff users have an allocation of 20MB and students have 10MB. If you purchase extra web storage this results in a permanent increase in the quota for your school. Schools may purchase increased web space quotas in gigabyte lots and assign it to individual users, all users in a particular group or reserve it for the school's website. A request to increase the Web Quota for your school can be submitted via the new Service Centre Online under 'Request Something'.

Costs payable to EQ for increasing web space quotas

The cost of extra storage will be $100/gigabyte/school year (or part thereof), plus an administration fee of $150 per request. The administration fee is paid once, when the increase is requested, not annually.

It will be financially beneficial to apply for a quota increase in the early part of the school year, rather than towards the end. For example, if a request is received in November 2012 the school will be charged $100/GB for the 2012 school year (plus $150) and then in early 2013 will be charged $100/GB for the 2013 school year.

The MIS Administrator can manage and distribute their school's web quotas through the admin tools in the MIS Portal.

A request to increase the web quota for your school can be submitted via the new Service Centre Online under 'Request Something'.

Does the MySQL database get backed up? If so, how often?

Yes, all MySQL databases are backed up nightly. If you are using the database to store important information, it is recommended you also keep an up-to-date local copy of the data. The phpMyAdmin interface allows you to export data to text / csv formats. If you do lose all your data or there is some other problem, it may be possible to restore from the most recent backup. If you require the restoration of older backups, contact the Service Centre. Fees may apply, if you require this service.

Will the use of MySQL affect the performance (e.g. speed in loading) on my website?

The MIS is a large environment, and, in most cases, system resources are shared amongst all schools. Occasionally the database and hosting systems will suffer periods of decreased performance. This could be a result of increased activity, or inefficient code in use by other users of the system. If the system administrators find that code or database queries are causing problems for other users, the database may be made unavailable and the school MIS Administrator will be contacted to resolve the problem before the database is re-activated.

Featured school websites

Websites for Schools provides schools an easy solution for building and maintaining a school website.

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