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Microsoft Outlook, Entourage or Mac Mail users

The department supports staff and students who use EQ Webmail and Microsoft Outlook to access their email, however we understand there are many other external email clients in use such as Thunderbird and Eudora, smartphones and tablet devices such as iPads. Technical settings are available for supported email clients from Service Centre Online (this link can only be accessed by DETE staff) by clicking the 'Email' link under 'Common Requests'.

Setting up Microsoft Outlook for the first time

To start accessing your MIS emails through Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail or Microsoft Entourage, refer to the guides in the Email FAQ section. It is recommended for school users wanting to setup Outlook for the first time to do so while they are at school, connected to the department's network, as it may automatically complete the entire setup process for you.

MIS Webmail users

The easy-to-use webmail for school teachers, administrators and students can be accessed via

Webmail delivers a better email system and online calendar offering:

  • a modern and efficient interface
  • event and task management
  • calendar sharing between staff
  • drag and drop capability.

MIS webmail offers a number of online features that can make the lives of school-based staff and students easier.

Teachers, staff members and school administrators can:

  • record appointments and meetings, and schedule important deadlines
  • know when colleagues are available for meetings
  • book resources such as a computer lab or digital projector online (this requires your school to set up a shared calendar)
  • create mailing groups (of, for example, your students or teaching colleagues within and outside of your school) within the webmail address book.

Students can:

  • record their timetables online and schedule assignment deadlines
  • book resources such as a computer or digital projector online (this requires your school to set up a shared calendar).

Forwarding your MIS webmail

To ensure the department's email accounts are as secure as possible and to align with new privacy legislation and policy, restrictions on automatic mail forwards are enforced.

Staff can set up automatic email forwarding to departmental email addresses only, such as and Also, no more than one departmental email address can be used.

This is in line with corporate email forwarding rules.

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