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Blocking and unblocking websites

Two different filtering settings exist - at school, and away from school. School staff have an important role in refining the department's web filtering system to ensure internet access continues to meet the needs of users.

Blocking and unblocking for home use (proxy client)

Statewide, all staff have the same levels of access (PDF, 99KB), similarly between all students. Unique access cannot be granted for individual schools. Contact the Service Centre if you would like to refine your filtering experience at home.

Blocking websites for school use

Check with your school MIS Administrator to see if they believe it should be blocked at a school level only, or at a statewide (global) level. They can administer the school block through the MIS Portal. Any statewide block requests are submitted via a job in Service Centre Online.

Unblocking websites for school use

If checking websites for school use while at home

School MIS administrators and filtering delegates can use the 'Filter Check' tool in the MIS Portal's filtering application while at home to determine if a website will be available to them at school. If the site is deemed unavailable at school, the Filter Check will identify at what level and category the URL is blocked:

  • school level - the website is blocked at your school only; your MIS administrator has the ability to unblock this
  • statewide level - the website is blocked statewide. Record the URL and take it to school with you.

If checking websites for school use while at school

Attempt to access the desired website. If you reach a block page, you may be allowed to request that it is unblocked - depending on what type of blocked page message you receive. You may also be eligible to have temporary access to the site. Further information on gaining access to the different types of blocks can be found in the table below.

How long does it take for a site to be unblocked?

It should take 24 to 48 hours for the request to be processed.

Unblocking the different types of departmental block pages

Uncategorised block

Uncategorised block:
These sites have not yet been rated by the department's filtering system.

Staff can submit the online request form within the block page and will soon have immediate access once the form is submitted.

Statewide block

Statewide block:
The department has restricted access to some websites that breach policy and code of conduct, have inappropriate content, or are a security risk to the department's network.

Staff can submit the online request form within the block page to have the page reviewed.

School student block

School block:  
On top of the statewide filtering rules, websites can be restricted even further by individual schools.

Staff should contact their school's MIS administrator to have these websites unblocked.

Temporary block

Time access block:
Between 8am-4pm, staff and students do not have access to some high-use bandwidth websites. This includes all social networking websites (except Twitter), all real estate websites, eBay,,,,, and
To gain access to these sites, Staff will need to gain principal approval and log a job through Service Now.

Permanently block

Permanently block websites:
The department has identified certain websites which are a risk to the network and access contravenes department policy.

These particular websites will remain permanently blocked and cannot be requested to be reviewed and/or unblocked.

Placeholder block

Placeholder websites:
The department has recognised that websites categorised as 'Placeholders' are inappropriate for the department's network.

These particular websites will remain permanently blocked and cannot be requested to be reviewed and or unblocked.

Invalid site

Invalid websites:
The 'invalid website' block page informs that the web page no longer exists or is unable to be found.

These particular websites will remain blocked and cannot be requested to be reviewed and or unblocked.

The staff member should click 'back' and try a different URL.


Need more information?

You can contact the Service Centre on 1800 680 445.

For information on how students can block and unblock websites, head to the Student Filtering page.

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