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Web filtering enhancements

The department recently carried out a number of enhancements to the web filtering system.

Immediate access to uncategorised sites

School staff can help refine the department's filtering system in a more streamlined and efficient manner by gaining automatic access to uncategorised sites. An information page containing an online request form, informs staff that the requested website is currently uncategorised. By nominating a category within the online form, staff will gain access to the website.

MIS Portal enhancement to manage Proxy Client

The MIS Portal has been enhanced to provide schools with the flexibility to manage the filtering levels of students on mobile devices.

Once the school and parent/caregivers decisions have been made, these filtering levels will be allocated through the MIS Portal. MIS administrators now also have the ability to delegate this role to allow other staff to assist in the management of student filtering levels on mobile devices.

Another key feature of the enhancement is the ability to manage the filtering levels of student mobile devices in bulk, i.e. a whole year level at a time.

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Last reviewed
18 October 2012
Last updated
18 October 2012
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