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Web filtering for students

Your mobile device and filtering

The department uses web filtering for student internet use to protect you against web threats and inappropriate websites. There are two levels of access, high (more restrictive) and medium (less restrictive).

All students automatically have a high level of internet filtering while at school. You can have access to medium level filtering at home, but only with school and parent/caregivers permission.

Find out more information (PDF, 231K) about these filtering levels or speak to your principal.

Medium and high - how to get permission to change filtering levels

In partnership with schools, parents/caregivers can allow their child medium level filtering when they are not connected to the DETE network.

A site I want is blocked

Speak to your teachers to have blocked sites reviewed by the Managed Internet Service administrator of your school, or by the department's filtering team.

What your teacher will do

Your teacher will use the Filter Check in the MIS Portal to find out how and why the website is blocked

Websites can be unblocked at:

  • school level - the website is blocked at your school only; your principal needs to approve the site to be unblocked.
  • statewide level - the website is blocked statewide. Your teacher can apply for student access via a Service Centre job.

Frequently asked questions about unavailable sites


Social networking sites like Facebook are available to students with medium level filtering when they are at home, however they are not available to any student at school.


YouTube is only available to students who have medium level filtering and are using their device at home. This is because of the high risk of accessing a broad range of mixed content.

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