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Smart Classrooms website receives a makeover

The Smart Classrooms website has a new look after undergoing a highly-anticipated makeover.

After months of consultation and planning, the changes align the website with the 2011 - 2014 Smart Classrooms strategy published late last year.

All Smart Classrooms initiatives featured on the website are listed under four main strategic 'drivers':

Working Digitally - a reflection of how schools use digital technologies as a way of moving from traditional to transformational ways of learning

Developing Professionals - this driver articulates expectations regarding teacher and leader capabilities necessary to deliver quality teaching and learning in a contemporary learning environment

Enabling Learners - focuses on establishing effective learning environments necessary to address the needs of learners in a complex, changing world

Harnessing the Enterprise Platform - this drive focuses on the processes, systems and practices necessary to develop and maintain effective learning and business productivity.

To help users navigate the site, a 'fat footer' has been added to the bottom of the website.

Most of the URLs to particular Smart Classrooms initiatives have changed, so if you have links saved in your favourites - it would be a good time to update them. Automatic redirects have been placed on the 100 most popular pages.

Explore the new Smart Classrooms website today.

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16 April 2012
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16 April 2012
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