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ICT eLearning drivers


The four ICT eLearning drivers provided the planning framework for the School ICT eLearning Index and underpin the Smart Classrooms strategy. Each driver is necessary to meet the challenges of learning in the digital world.

Working Digitally is a reflection of how schools use digital technology as a way of moving from traditional to transformational ways of working.

Developing Professionals articulates expectations regarding teacher and leader capabilities necessary to deliver quality teaching and learning in a contemporary learning environment.

Enabling Learners focuses on establishing effective learning environments necessary to address the needs of learners in a complex changing world.

Harnessing the Enterprise Platform focuses on the processes, systems and practices necessary to develop and maintain effective learning and business productivity.

Main objective

To provide a standard framework for schools to use in planning, reporting and evaluating their progress in the implementation of the Smart Classrooms strategy.

Achievement of the objective

The objective is attained when schools use the drivers as a catalyst for planning, evaluating and reporting of related ICT eLearning activities in their strategic planning.

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12 March 2013
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12 March 2013
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