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Smart Classrooms Bytes

Smart Classrooms Bytes provides school teachers and administrators with advice on the latest ICT trends for education.

The publication supports school teachers and administrators to embrace ICT as an everyday part of education so students can achieve the best possible outcomes.

Smart Classrooms Bytes aims to help build workforce capacity in leading 21st Century schooling in the knowledge economy while fostering clever, skilled and creative Queenslanders.

It is aligned with school priorities and departmental agendas such as the Department's Strategic Plan 2007-2011.

Smart Classrooms Bytes Edition 3Edition 3: eLearning for smart classrooms

This edition of Smart Classrooms Bytes provides an overview of eLearning. It explores the three major components that make up eLearning - digital pedagogy, digital content (including eCurriculum) and eLearning spaces.

Also included is a guide to help readers consider the characteristics of effective digital learners, teachers and schools when developing their school's vision.

Read edition 3 (PDF, 699K)

Smart Classrooms Bytes Edition 2Edition 2: 21 steps to 21st Century 1-to-1 success

Edition 2 provides a summary of resources available to teachers and administrators who have commenced or are considering implementing 1-to-1 student laptop programs.

1-to-1 programs provide students with personal portable computers to enhance their opportunities for learning.

The devices help schools engage the digital generation by nurturing individual (or 1-to-1) learning experiences.

Read edition 2 (PDF, 1.1M)

Smart Classrooms Bytes Edition 1Edition 1: Learning with digital portfolios

This edition gives teachers and administrators a snapshot of the latest thinking on using digital portfolios (ePortfolios) and embedding them into whole-of-school practices for teaching and learning.

Portfolios no longer have to consist of the one-dimensional paper or print format. With the growing trend of ICT integration into the curriculum, teachers and students can now create vivid and dynamic portfolios that best reflect their development, vision and purpose.

Read edition 1 (PDF, 226K)

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06 March 2012
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