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Ergonomic advice for students using ICT in the home learning environment

The Department of Education, Training and Employment supports use of computers by students outside the classroom for educational purposes. Increasingly, students access departmental and other educational resources and content outside the classroom and normal school hours and, specifically, access these resources from their homes.

Some students also are unable to physically attend school sites because of distance, medical issues and parental choice. This means a greater part of their school day is spent using computers to access information for their learning.

The following ergonomic advice has been developed for consideration by parents and carers to support the effective and safe use of information and communication technologies in the home learning environment.


The intellectual property owners of the information contained in the websites referenced in this document have granted permission for the information to be used.


This document provides advice to assist parents and carers to set up home learning computer work place for children.

The Department recognises that each child has unique individual requirements for home learning and it is their parents’ and carers responsibility to ensure that home learning place is arranged for children in accordance to their individual needs.

The Department has no obligations to provide equipment required for children’s home learning.

This document contains links to third party websites. These links are provided solely as a convenience to users and not as a guarantee, warranty or recommendation by Education Queensland of the content on such third-party websites or as an indication of any affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement of such third party websites.


*Ergonomics is defined as the study of the design and arrangement of equipment so that people interact with the equipment in healthy, comfortable, and safe manner. As related to computer equipment, ergonomics is concerned with such factors as the physical design of the keyboard, screens, and related hardware, and the manner in which people interact with these hardware devices.

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06 March 2012
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06 March 2012
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