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Hints for Parents/Carers when children are using computer equipment

  • Watch and correct the child's posture, as children are generally not very aware of the position of their body in space
  • Help the children to arrange equipment to maintain correct posture
  • Make sure a child adjusts the study area for their specific ergonomic needs, if he/she shares a computer and furniture with the other family members
  • Offer children with smaller hands to use special keyboards, or trackballs instead
    of a mouse
  • Remind children about taking breaks regularly
  • Students with laptops may often change their study posture using many different positions; however they need to maintain correct posture
  • Use a detached keyboard or mouse for laptops if desired, as the positions of the screen and keyboard cannot be adjusted because they are connected to each other.


This document provides advice to assist parents and carers to set up home learning computer work place for children.

The Department recognises that each child has unique individual requirements for home learning and it is their parents’ and carers responsibility to ensure that home learning place is arranged for children in accordance to their individual needs.

The Department has no obligations to provide equipment required for children’s home learning.

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19 January 2015
Last updated
19 January 2015
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