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ICT Professional Development

There is a wide variety of professional development opportunities to assist teachers and school leaders to embrace the possibilities of ICT to enhance student learning, increase efficiency of school operations and advance life-long learning. The mode may vary, from participating in an online discussion list or web conference to undertaking an action research project.

Below are some links you may find useful when sourcing information and opportunities for you and your staff.

For you

The Learning Place Online Courses are offered to teachers and students through eLearn, our learning management system.

The Learning Place Professional Communities are developed by teachers, for teachers. The communities connect teachers in a range of ways

The Learning Place Collaborative Online Projects can help teachers integrate online learning and the Internet into their classrooms.

Teachers and students can use the Learning Place Communication Resources such as online chats, forums and projects to extend learning.

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23 July 2018
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30 July 2018
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