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Guiding principles

OneSchool is designed to align with the following principles:

  1. The technology ensures a consistent experience for staff, students, parents and communities interacting with Education Queensland.
    • There is a consistent user interface and navigation for accessing all technology functions.
    • This created efficiencies across the organisation as well as a positive and individually focused experience for system users.

  2. The technology allows access anywhere, any time, by those who need the information
    • The system provides transparency of information throughout Education Queensland.
    • This implies significant integration across Education Queensland.
    • Appropriate controls to address access have been implemented.

  3. There is a 'single point of truth' for all information sources
    • Data contained within the system is reliable, timely and accurate and is not be duplicated within the organisation.
    • The system delivers data in a manner that extends its value.

  4. Information is fully integrated to maximise its value
    • Data and processes are tightly integrated to enable more robust information to be accessed by decision-makers in to Education Queensland.
    • Integration reflects 'end-to-end' business processes rather than a 'siloed' functional approach to business activities.
    • Data integration across the organisation is achievable as an initial objective.

  5. Information is captured only once
    • By capturing data once in the most appropriate location, the system enhances the timeliness and validity of information, while reducing unnecessary duplication and workload.
    • At the source' may be extended to mean parents, students and staff; this implies a significant reduction in manual and paper-based processes.

  6. A standardised set of 'core' technology and functions are deployed to all Education Queensland sites
    • All technology solutions conform to Education Queensland's enterprise architecture.
    • Contextualisation by schools and groups of schools within those parameters is still enabled, so that mandatory processes are commonly applied, while school innovation complies with organisational standards and architecture.

  7. Business processes and accountabilities are explicit
    • Business processes and data custodianship are linked to an organisation-wide business model.
    • Accountability relates to control over processes and information.
    • A range of alternative procedures are defined for processes that require flexibility.

  8. The system provides the capability for self-service to ensure human effort is invested efficiently
    • This principle implies a shift from face-to-face to self-service - not only for employees, but, by extension, curriculum delivery, information exchange and other interactions.
    • Self-service meets the needs of users who desire it or who could achieve better outcomes through this mode of delivery.

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Last reviewed
17 April 2012
Last updated
17 April 2012
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