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Annual planning and review processes

Annual review process

The School Plan is reviewed and updated annually to ensure currency and alignment. This process also assesses the effectiveness of the planned strategies and actions in terms of progress towards the achievement of objectives, to identify any changed conditions, needs or priorities that require adjustments to the plan. This annual review is not intended to be extensive but more a process of refinement to ensure the currency of the strategic outlook and to give the school the capacity to be responsive to changing priorities. The annual review and refinement of the School Plan also assists in maintaining the long term strategic outlook and extends the life of the plan so that a four year horizon is maintained.

Annual planning process

The annual planning process is led by the principal and should provide clarity and direction for school staff. Schools draw from the priorities of the School Plan and achievements from the previous year's strategies/actions to determine what was achieved against what was planned. This includes reviewing student and school performance against outcomes, performance indicators and targets.

All schools complete an annual implementation plan which outlines the key actions to be taken over the course of the school year to reflect the strategic priorities of the school plan.

The annual implementation plans is succinct and lists specific improvement strategies/actions that target the key school and system-wide priorities for the school year. The annual implementation plan references other school documents and action plans where appropriate to ensure alignment and reduce repetition.

The school budget is an integral component of the annual planning process and summarises how resources are to be allocated in accordance with the priorities outlined in the school plan and the annual implementation plan.

Annual implementation plan

The annual review and planning process typically commences towards the end of each year to ensure that an annual implementation plan is in place by early in the new school year. It is supported by discussions between the school staff and the Principal, and discussions between the Principal and the principal's supervisor about key priorities for the coming year.

A draft Annual Implementation Plan is shared with the principal's supervisor at the earliest opportunity with a view to this being finalised and endorsed by the end of February.
This process supports actions to implement priorities and improvement strategies from early in the school year, providing clear direction for new and continuing staff.


The Annual Implementation Plan is endorsed by the P&C/School Council and by the principal's supervisor by the end of February each year.

For Independent Public Schools, the Annual implementation plan is signed by the School Council Chair.

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