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EAP Verification Forms

EAP consent form (EAP 1) for parents

This form must be kept in the student's school file and uploaded as an attachment to the verification request on AIMS in OneSchool.

Verification forms (for reference only)

Please note that these forms are to be used by state schools as a reference only as all verification requests are submitted through AIMS in OneSchool.

Medical specialist forms

Non-state schools verification forms

The following verification forms are best accessed using Internet Explorer and should be saved prior to being completed.

Hearing Impairment Verification Form (EAP 4) updated 2015 Adobe PDF document845K

Physical Impairment Verification Form (EAP 6) updated 2015 Adobe PDF document1.2M

Vision Impairment Verification Form (EAP 8) updated 2015 Adobe PDF document1.2M

The verification forms can be signed using a digital ID. For more information on using a digital ID please see the Factsheet on using a digital ID Adobe PDF document460K.

Verification requests in the EAP categories of hearing impairment, physical impairment and vision impairment are submitted via email to the EAP using the relevant email address below:

Hearing Impairment:

Physical Impairment:

Vision Impairment:

Confirmation of receipt

To receive an automated reply when a verification request has been submitted by email:

Criterion 2 prompt questions

The prompts below can be used to assist school teams to individualise reporting on the impact of the impairment and the related significant education adjustments for a student.

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Implementation of an updated ASD Verification Form (EAP 3)

The departmental criteria and associated verification form in the EAP category of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have been updated to reflect the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition (DSM-5). This form must be used for verifications submitted from 7 February 2014.

Diagnoses signed by a specialist on or before 7 February 2014 on Part B of the previous ASD verification form will be eligible to be submitted for verification as evidence that Criterion 1 is met. All other parts of the verification request including Criterion 2 information and the Part C Principal's request must be completed on the new form.

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