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Friday 1 May - Ieper

Tour itinerary

The students will visit the Menin Gate this morning and journey to Hill 60, Messines Ridge British Cemetery, Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Trois Arbres Cemetery, Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery, Dickebusch New Military Cemetery, Langemark German Cemetery and Tyne Cot Cemetery.

In the evening they will return to Ieper and again attend the Menin Gate Service.


Photos from the Menin Gate Service been added to the gallery.

Students' views

Bruges and Ieper

Raphael Wixted and Callum Young

We had an early start, leaving from Brussels and travelling to Bruges. The trip took about an hour, in which many took the opportunity to sleep. Arriving in Bruges, we were greeted by a shower of hail and gusts of wind; reason enough for scarf and beanies.

Bus B began their time in Bruges with a cruise around the canals. Meanwhile, Bus A had the chance to see the Belfry Tower and then the groups switched giving everyone a chance to do both.

The cruise was magnificent, with many wonderful sights and scenes viewed by the group. Our time in Bruges ended with shopping, in which many bought, and ate, many grams of chocolate.

We hopped back on the buses and drove to the nearby town of Ieper. During the hour long trip, we watched a movie, in which the story of the battle of Ypres was explained. Soon, we arrived near the town of Ieper. Immediately, we were wonderstruck by the sheer beauty of the small town. The style of the many buildings, and the impact this had, was astonishing. The major sights were the Cloth Hall and the Menin Gate.

After stopping at our hotel, our group had an orientation talk at the Menin Gate. This was followed by a tour of the Cloth Hall, in which the Flanders Fields Museum is held. Unfortunately, our time was a bit short; however we were still able to be touched by the exhibit.

Our tour of the museum was followed by a visit to a local chocolate shop. We were given an explanation of the process in which chocolate is made; even receiving a free sample. A special deal was offered to us all, as well as some free products. Moments later we had all spent our money and were carrying our prized possessions.

Dinner was had, and then the entire tour group made their way to the Menin Gate. We took our positions and then waited for the service to begin. It was quite brief, but the impact was phenomenal. Our choir sang brilliantly, and set an amazing atmosphere. Afterwards, we were given time to wander, and many took the chance to gaze at the many names listed as having no known grave.

At the end of the day, we can all look back on our experiences with a mix of emotions. It was a wonderful day and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Service Person research

Today the students will remember:

Menin Gate

Private James Edward Allen Microsoft® Word document241K
Sapper James Skillen Microsoft® Word document187K
Private William Joseph Bourke Microsoft® Word document335K
Private Arthur Montague Alchin Microsoft® Word document274K
Captain Sydney Stanna Bond Microsoft® Word document259K
Private George Henry Andrews Microsoft® Word document156K
Lieutenant Andrew Anderson Microsoft® Word document220K
Private Robert David Jobson Microsoft® Word document630K
Private Albert Henri Menere Microsoft® Word document479K
Corporate Martin Mary Reynolds Microsoft® Word document443K
Private Alfred Charles Roth Microsoft® Word document863K
Private Josiah Allen Microsoft® Word document158K

Messines Ridge British Cemetery

Private Eugene Edward Sabadine Microsoft® Word document190K
Private Algernon Cook Microsoft® Word document655K
Private Edward Lloyd Microsoft® Word document167K

Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery

Private James Lennon Microsoft® Word document190K
Private Wilfred Clayton Microsoft® Word document133K

Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck

Private Harry Alexander Aberdeen Microsoft® Word document189K
Private William John Willshire Microsoft® Word document200K

Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery

Private William Robert Carnell Microsoft® Word document207K

Dickebusch New Military Cemetery Extension

Gunner Reginald Augustine Holt Microsoft® Word document426K

Tyne Cot Cemetery

Lieutenant Charles Wilson Cutcliffe Bluett Microsoft® Word document178K

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