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Friday 22 April - Day 5, Gallipoli

Students and chaperones at the Anzac Cove sign looking out over the cove and North.

The students held a commemoration service today at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli.


Photos taken at Gallipoli have been added to the gallery.

You can view a short video of our students answering the question: What are you most looking forward to?

Student views

Today we set off early to cross the Dardanelles for our first visit to Gallipoli. It was less than 12 degrees this morning and despite the sun shining, we had our beanies, jackets and scarfs on for the ferry trip and most of the morning. Well, most of us were chilly - chaperone Jonathan wore shorts and a T-shirt and braved the weather.

Our commemorations today started at Anzac Cove where we commemorated our service people who had served at Gallipoli (and returned home), or who were our defence relatives. The service and eulogies at Anzac Cove were really moving as we looked out to the sea and listened to the waves on the beach.

We retraced many of the steps that our Anzacs would have taken today as we started at North Beach, moved to Anzac Cove and then on to Ari Burnu. We trekked up to Plugge's Plateau being sure not to complain about the heat and steep incline as we reflected on what it would have been like for our soldiers. The tales of battles, victories and defeats continued as we visited Lone Pine, The Nek and Chunuk Bair.

Today was at times overwhelming; we left Brisbane five days ago and have been eager to get across the water and explore the Gallipoli Peninsula. We have so much left to see and tomorrow will see us continue our commemorations and our walk through of our Anzacs' journey.

Student commemorations

Each student in the tour group researched three service personnel. Commemorations were held at Anzac Cover today for:

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