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Saturday 23 April 2016 - Gallipoli Peninsula

The students gather around the Lone Pine Memorial after our service. The Queensland and Australian flags both draped over the plinth.

Today the students hosted their own service at Lone Pine to commemorate service personnel, as well as some of the Australians who fought and died at Gallipoli.


Photos from Lone Pine have been added to the gallery.

You can view a short video of the Premier's Anzac Prize tour group's commemoration service at Lone Pine Cemetery.

Student views

Today we again travelled on the ferry to Gallipoli. On the way, we made our own 'drive thru' bread stop where the bus zipped past a street vendor and ordered us some simit (bread loops). This was pretty cool - no need to go and find snacks. Once on the ferry we had our first brush with fame as many groups of young people came and asked us for photos. Australian kids are well liked in Turkey.

Once we arrived at Gallipoli, we travelled to Lone Pine where we hosted our own service to commemorate our Anzacs. This was really moving and very special to be able to commemorate our service people here. We also commemorated some of our soldiers that fought and died during battles at Gallipoli.

From here we went on a trekking adventure down the hills to Ari Burnu. Once there, we met with media to talk about how important the Anzac legend is and why young people need to continue to commemorate and remember the Anzac story. The Australian Minister for Veterans Affairs and the Australian Ambassador to Turkey both had discussions with us to swap stories of our explorations at Gallipoli. Needless to say, we were all very excited about the upcoming dawn service.

Student commemorations

Each student in the tour group researched three service personnel. Commemorations were held at Anzac Cover today for:

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