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Information for teachers

Mental health difficulties can significantly interfere with a student's cognitive, emotional or social abilities. Educational adjustments in a school setting provide support for students with high support needs in mental health.

Clinical Care Providers may include public and private psychiatrists, specialist mental health nurses, psychologists, general practitioners and others with specialised mental health training.

While a single symptom or isolated event is rarely a sign of mental illness, a symptom that occurs frequently, lasts for several weeks or becomes a general pattern of an individual's behaviour may indicate the onset of a more serious mental health problem that requires additional support. Some of the more significant indicators of a possible mental illness include:

Students who require educational adjustments as a result of a mental health difficulty will most likely be participating in some form of medical treatment intervention. Schools work in collaboration with Clinical Care Providers in hospitals and community agencies to ensure that students with high support needs in mental health are able to access the school curriculum, achieve curriculum outcomes and participate in school life.

A supportive learning environment is a major contributor to success at school for these students.

Further information on supportive learning environments is available on the KidsMatter External Link and Mind Matters External Link websites.

Mental health resource hub

The Mental health resource hub (DETE employees only) is a central source of information for school staff, principals and leaderships teams on ways to support the mental health and wellbeing of students to improve educational outcomes. The hub promotes the understanding of mental health issues and reflects a whole-school approach to supporting mental health promotion and illness prevention.

This section provides a number of fact sheets including:

Each fact sheet provides a brief overview of each disorder, its impact on education and possible educational adjustments.

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