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Educational and community benefits

Increased educational opportunities for young people

State Schools of Tomorrow is committed to maximising the strong link that exists between modern, innovative school environments and enhanced student learning outcomes.

Local communities creating a new educational vision have the opportunity to identify and implement a broader range of curriculum choices by building or refurbishing high-quality specialist facilities and resources. This could also include the option of neighbouring schools working together to offer a curriculum specialty such as maritime, environmental, or vocational studies.

The types of high-quality facilities and resources to be created as part of State Schools of Tomorrow could include options such as:

The educational benefits resulting from the creation of strong partnerships between schools and their local communities are far-reaching. It means students will enjoy smoother transitions across all phases of learning from Prep to Year 12 and stronger career pathways for students between secondary and higher education.

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Innovation in Education

State Schools of Tomorrow sets a new benchmark in innovative school design and planning. It focuses on modernising schools and equipping them with exceptional facilities, resources and technologies that support a broad range of new or increased educational opportunities.

It will create large, flexible and innovative classrooms that engage young people in a contemporary curriculum and inspire learning in students of all ages. New or refurbished classrooms also support teachers in catering to the needs of individual students, because flexibility in design makes it easier to work with young people on an individual basis, or in small or large group settings.

A key feature of State Schools of Tomorrow is its commitment to delivering the latest technology to teachers and students. General and specialised learning areas will be fitted with ICT infrastructure and resources designed to accommodate future upgrades and technological changes.

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Building New Partnerships

Strong partnerships between neighbouring schools and their communities are an integral aspect of thriving communities in the 21st century.

State Schools of Tomorrow requires schools with shared enrolment boundaries to work closely together to plan the delivery of state education in their community. Close collaboration increases educational opportunities and curriculum choices and ensures schools share high-quality facilities that benefit all young people in their area.

The way of the future is for schools to become genuine community resources with facilities that could support new adult learning opportunities outside of school hours or venues for school and community programs and events.

Building strong partnerships between schools and their surrounding communities may also lead to the creation of new educational and community hubs. Schools participating in State Schools of Tomorrow are encouraged to establish new links with community service providers such as childcare, healthcare, training, TAFE and tertiary providers. Where possible, schools could co-locate with these community services.

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Creating 21st century schools

State Schools of Tomorrow focuses on planning the future of state education at a local community level, and equipping schools with high-quality facilities, resources and technologies that deliver increased educational opportunities for young people.

Many schools were built in an era when education was very different from the modern day. Queensland communities have also changed dramatically in recent years as a result of variations to population and lifestyle.

State Schools of Tomorrow gives Queenslanders the chance to more closely align schools for the 21st century with the educational needs of today's and tomorrow's families.

Local communities are invited to work together to create a sustainable long-term vision for their local state schools and consider:

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Communities planning for the future of education

State Schools of Tomorrow relies on community support to achieve the vision for long-term educational excellence. Groups made up of parents, teachers, and residents can play a key role in creating a new educational vision for local state schools.

Examples of potential projects can be used as a starting point for community discussions as part of local community consultation. These proposals showcase ideas about how schools can be tailored to the individual needs of modern Queensland communities and spark community conversations about what schools are needed and where they should be in the future. They will also help to illustrate how schools need to change to better accommodate student learning styles, new technologies and contemporary teaching methods.

State Schools of Tomorrow is also committed to a high level of sustainability - environmental and economic - in planning the future of state schools. We will seek opportunities to invest in schools that best serve long-term community needs and build partnerships with community service providers that may share school sites.

This approach enables local communities to achieve greater sustainability and efficiency in the use of land, water and resources, whilst delivering a world-class education in 21st century schools.

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