Future Teachers



To assist state schools with the coordination of the Future Teacher program within their school.

The Future Teachers project is a suite of interrelated initiatives focused on promoting and fostering an interest in teaching as a career. The project supports students to consider, pursue and ultimately invest in completing an Initial Teacher Education (ITE) program.

Initiatives under the Future Teachers project include:

  • Future Teachers program – A structured program, partnered with state schools and higher education institutions, that enables students to undertake introductory teacher education units.
  • Future Teachers club – Extra/co-curricular program that enables students to explore teaching as a career option.
  • Future Teacher bursary – Financial assistance in the form of a one-off bursary provided to secondary students that enrol in an approved unit of study towards an ITE program.

Duration of program

2019–2021 (to be reviewed after the 3-year pilot)


State P-10/12 and state high schools with eligible students.

Allocation of funds

Funding provided to schools is based on the following methodologies:

  • Teacher Relief Scheme (TRS) payment – participating schools will receive TRS payments equivalent to a 0.5 FTE Senior Teacher to coordinate the program within the school. Program delivery costs are also covered and may include enrolment, study, travel and venue costs as outlined in the school’s approved budget proposal provided on submission of application.
  • Bursary payment – participating students will receive a $200 study assistance payment to cover costs such as textbooks, stationery and campus visits. Where required, students who must undertake Tertiary education study units will also receive payment to cover these costs. Bursary payments are made to the school that the student is enrolled in and will be distributed to the student once received by the school.

Payment details

PaymentDuring month ofProportion of allocation paid
TRS paymentPayments are made 1 month after the commencement of each term100%
Bursary paymentMay to AugustBased on claims received

Data requirements

Payments are calculated based on the information that is identified in the school budget proposal document. This is submitted on application.

Recoupment policy

Funds for this program are paid based on where the identified students are located.

Recoupment may be sought where all identified students enrolled in the program exit the school.

Recoupment of funds may also be sought should the school fail to adhere to the terms and conditions of the program. 

How to apply

The Future Teachers program is in a pilot phase with a planned rollout to state schools in 2020. State schools currently involved in the pilot have expressed an interest in participating in the program. Schools provide an estimated budget for delivery of the program within their school and approved by the project team. School participation in the Future Teachers program must be endorsed by their regional director. Participation is voluntary and schools can apply each semester.

The Future Teachers bursary was launched in December 2018 for senior secondary students completing approved ITE units while still in school. Applicants are required to submit their application to the project team and demonstrate proof of enrolment in an approved Higher Education Institution program. Round 1 of the bursary closed on Friday 15 February 2019. The next round is scheduled to re-open in May 2019.

Further information

Further information about bursary payment can be found at Teach Queensland.


Principal Project Officer
Attraction Unit, Human Resources
Telephone: (07) 3714 8531

Last updated 10 September 2019