Enhancing K-2 alignment



To support improved early childhood education outcomes across the state to ensure that all Queensland children are getting a great start in life.

This funding will support activities to maximise continuity and alignment of initiatives across Kindergarten to Year 2 in state schools and regions. Funds will be provided to selected schools to employ a range of staff who will undertake activities and strategies as identified by each region as part of their K-2 Strategic Plan.


The Early Childhood and Community Engagement Division and the State Schools Division recognises the opportunity to deliver key strategic messages for the full range of leaders about the importance of prioritising early childhood education K-2, establishing clear expectations while recognising the need for scope for localised neighbourhood, cluster and individual school implementation. The divisions are focused on building the capacity of assistant regional directors and principals to create and sustain change in practice in the early years as a department priority.

This focus on the alignment of K-2 priorities within the department brings greater cohesion across the early years leading to enhanced continuity of learning and development for young learners, stronger partnerships between divisions, portfolios, sectors and systems and a shared vision for quality teaching and learning outcomes for all Queensland children.

Enhancing K-2 program

The Enhancing K-2 Alignment and Continuity Program was initiated in the 2017–18 financial year.

Funding in the 2018–19 financial year was directed to clusters of schools with funding being held by a particular school where program staff members were located.

Funding in the 2019–20 financial year is provided directly to each region to manage and ensure the program outcomes are achieved.

Duration of program

2019–20 financial year


State Schools that are hosting program staff.

Allocation of funds

The total program budget is $6.946 million over the 2019-20 financial year.

Funding has been allocated to regions as follows:

  • Metropolitan – $1,508,820
  • North Coast – $1,017,846
  • Far North Queensland – $572,611
  • Central Queensland – $989,315
  • North Queensland – $727,556
  • Darling Downs South West – $1,108,303
  • South East – $1,021,664

Regions will provide funding to schools who host key program staff to implement program initiatives to service the region. Host schools will be identified based on location, capacity to implement program initiatives and ability to service the region. Length of recruitment for each position will be determined by the region based on ability to meet program outcomes.

Regions will also keep some funding to manage the budget and oversee the progress of the program.

Payment details

As regions recruit program staff and identify host schools, payment will then be made to those host schools in the next monthly payment run.

Data requirements

Data requirements as specified in the memorandum of understanding between the region and the base school. To be collected every 3 months through a project highlights report as defined in the memorandum of understanding.

How to apply

Schools do not need to apply for this funding. Entitlements will be automatically calculated and paid.


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Early Childhood and Community Engagement
Telephone: (07) 3513 6730

Last updated 08 January 2020