Tuckshop Day activities


Appreciation certificate and poster

Schools can download and print the official Tuckshop Day thank you certificate (DOCX, 364KB) and insert the names of their workers and volunteers. Don't forget to include any people who work in the tuckshop on other days of the week too! There's also a poster (PDF, 97KB) to put up around the tuckshop to promote the day and template that schools can use to make their own I love my tuckshop badges (JPG, 83KB).

Gifts for tuckshop workers/volunteers

Download the 'I love my tuckshop' graphic templates below to print on items such as tea towels, aprons, coffee cups, mouse mats or badges. There are many companies that offer customised printing - just make sure you organise delivery in time for Tuckshop Day.


Special breakfast

The school P&C, parent organisation or student council could organise and serve a free breakfast for tuckshop workers, students and staff.

Appreciation ceremony

Organise a special appreciation ceremony for your tuckshop workers at your school assembly. Organise for the school band or choir to perform a special item. Have the student leaders present the tuckshop workers with appreciation certificates or gifts.

Special guest tuckshop worker

Invite a special guest to the tuckshop for the morning. The guest could be a local celebrity, chef, sportsperson, the principal, or a prominent member of your school community. Organise for the special guest to present appreciation certificates or gifts to the tuckshop workers.

Tuckshop Day meal deal

Offer students a special meal deal to celebrate Tuckshop Day. To cut down on preparation time, design a Celebration Meal Deal which could be pre-ordered the day before.

Decorate the tuckshop

Have students decorate the tuckshop for the day with balloons, streamers or painted pictures. Put up 'I love my Tuckshop' posters around the school. The P&C or parent organisation could organise to have the outside of the tuckshop painted with a healthy food-themed mural. For a temporary mural, use chalk sticks.

Name the tuckshop

Invite students to suggest a new name for the tuckshop. Announce the winning name on Tuckshop Day.

Last updated 21 September 2018