Monitoring student attendance


Understanding a school's attendance patterns and trends, enables staff to focus their attention on the times, days, individuals and groups of students for which non-attendance is an issue.

OneSchool provides schools with access to comprehensive data on every student's attendance. Early identification and addressing minor attendance issues can prevent future major attendance issues.

Individual student's attendance patterns are generally consistent from one year to the next, beginning from the Prep year. Through identifying students at risk of poor attendance early on, schools can make a difference in improving long-term attendance patterns.

Some ideas which may assist schools to monitor student absences are listed below. These ideas have been collected from Queensland schools, nationally, and internationally. Schools will need to consider local circumstances, priorities, age of students etc. in determining which (if any) of these ideas might be useful in the local context:

  • Use the OneSchool attendance monitoring dashboard (accessible in OneSchool via the School Management/ Performance Dashboard menu option and then selection of the School's link). The dashboard will allow you to analyse absence and attendance information by student group, year level, and time period (term, semester and year to date). Individual students or groups of students may be targeted and identified by: Attendance Rate (%); Attendance Category (< 85%, 85 - <90%, 90 - < 95%, 95 - 100%); or Attendance Rate Range (5% and 10%) including students with 100% attendance.
  • Investigate trends such as:
    • days of the week with the highest levels of absenteeism (usually Mondays and Fridays)
    • times of the year in which attendance is lowest (e.g. end of term, around public holidays)
    • year levels, gender and cultural groups with the poorest attendance
  • Review attendance data for the previous term to identify students with poor attendance and monitor these students
  • Discuss attendance data with staff so that trends and students at risk can be identified
  • Consider the reasons for attendance patterns
  • Schedule fun events and activities on days that have traditionally poor attendance
  • Focus on improving attendance during the last week of term, when there is often a significant increase in absences. Ensure that learning continues up to and including the last day of school.
  • Discourage families from taking holidays during school terms
  • Provide suggestions for parents who have 'fly in, fly out' jobs on how to spend quality time with their children that doesn't involve missing school
  • Distribute weekly reports to all school staff on the attendance rates for all year levels and classes
  • Arrange for school staff to make occasional visits in school hours to the places that truants are known to hang out e.g. local shops, skate parks etc.

School can use tools in OneSchool to assist with attendance monitoring. OneSchool users can access the Attendance monitoring - dashboard explanatory notes via OneSchool either on the main School Performance Intelligence dashboard screen or via the Help Menu (Help Menu > Support and Training > School Management > Performance Dashboard) for further information.

Last updated 08 March 2021