State Schools Improvement Strategy


State Schools Improvement Strategy 2021–2025: Every student succeeding is Queensland's plan to lift the performance of each child and student in our state schooling system.

It is aligned with Advancing Education: An action plan for education in Queensland and the Department of Education Strategic Plan 2020–2024.

The improvement strategy provides an overview of our agenda and identifies the key elements we are using to enhance improvement across our system to enable every child and student to succeed.

The strategy acknowledges the diverse context for our state schools and communities across the state, and provides clear and relevant guidance to support all of us in our shared work of improving the outcomes of our children and students.

The 2 fundamental priorities which can direct the work of individuals and teams and will make a difference to all children and students are:

  • Success and wellbeing for all children and students as they transition through each stage of learning in an inclusive education system.
  • Continuous improvement the access to, and in teaching, learning and assessment of the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline, the Australian Curriculum and the senior syllabuses.

The strategy also identifies shared performance measures that may assist us to identify and understand the impact of ‘the right work’, and guide the principled ways we work together to do the ‘work right’.

Implementation of the strategy is enhanced by data-informed practice. The data literacy framework (DLF)(DOCX, 37KB) provides guidance for teachers and school leaders on using data to support school improvement and learning and wellbeing for all students.

Policies, procedures, guidelines and resources

Schools bring the State Schools Improvement Strategy to life when they plan for, monitor, review and report on responses to locally determined student and school needs aligned to the department’s strategic direction.

The School Planning, Reviewing and Reporting Framework (SPRRF) is currently provided to guide school actions and will be superseded in July 2021 with a new School performance policy and School performance procedure.

The School performance policy will provide the department’s position on the continuous evaluation and improvement of school performance, prescribing 4 mandatory processes, which are: 

  • planning 
  • monitoring 
  • reviewing 
  • reporting.

The new School performance procedure will provide schools with the mandatory steps to implement the School performance policy. It details responsibilities for individuals, teams and business areas and includes a schedule of annual required actions as well as additional actions prior to, during and post departmental school reviews and audits.

Visit the Policy and Procedure Register to access step-by-step processes to meet mandatory requirements and understand the responsibilities of individuals and teams.

Last updated 18 March 2021