Important message regarding COVID-19

Please note that due to revised arrangements in place due to COVID-19, the Home Education Unit (HEU) requires your report submission via email rather than post.

The Home Education Unit may also communicate with you via email at this time about your child’s registration. Please ensure the email address on the Unit’s records is current and is regularly monitored.

If you do send by post, please be aware that for various reasons it may not be received for some time.

When emailing the report, please note the following:

  • A single email with all the required attachments is preferred. This will allow your report to be receipted correctly and reduces the risk of administrative error due to the high volume of received emails.
  • Ensure the file size of attachments does not exceed 15MB.
  • Ensure attachments are legible and are clearly named e.g. Jane Roberts Work samples.
  • Place your child’s full name in the subject line of the email and your full name in the body of the email. Without this, the Unit cannot identify who the report corresponds to.
  • Do not send material in a cloud-based format. The HEU is prohibited for security reasons from accessing these documents.

Confirmation of report receipt will continue to be via email—this may take a number of days. If you do not receive confirmation of report receipt within 5 working days, please contact the HEU.


For home education registration to remain current, parents must continue to comply with the standard conditions of registration which include the submission of an annual written report on your child's education progress along with the Reporting for registration for home education (DOC, 114KB) form.

Watch the Home education: Reflect, review, report video(duration 6:38mins) and read the information on this page to learn how to meet your home education reporting requirements.

Watch the video Home Education: Reflect, review, report (duration 6:38mins)

Prior to the due date of the report, the Home Education Unit (HEU) will provide information to assist you with the completion of the report. 

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to report on my child's progress?

Home education legislation is about respecting your right as a parent to home educate your child, while recognising the right of each child to have a high-quality education. The report assists you to demonstrate that you are meeting the standard conditions of registration by providing your child with a high-quality education and that your child is making educational progress.

What sort of information will I need to provide in the report?

You will select, analyse and present a handful of your child's work samples. How you might select this material is detailed in a reporting pack which is emailed to you, each year, in the 6th month of the registration.

These samples will represent:

  • the learning experiences your child had over the year
  • the progress towards the achievement of learning goals
  • your child’s learning progress as demonstrated by pairs of comparative samples collected over time and identification of gaps and strengths in their learning
  • the range of learning areas covered in the education program.
When is the report due?

The report is due each year in the 10th month of the registration e.g. if a registration was issued on 8 June 2017, then the report and new program are due in the following and subsequent years, between 8 March and by 8 April.

Can I seek a time extension to submit the report?

No. The time frame by which the report is due is specified in the legislation and cannot be overridden.

What if I don't send in the report?

The registration could be cancelled. If this were to happen, you would first be posted a show cause notice proposing to cancel the registration.

Last updated 17 June 2020