Staying safe


The transition phase marks the beginning of young adulthood for all young people and brings about many social opportunities. These opportunities also bring with them many challenges in safe decision making, particularly for young people with disability. Below are some useful tips and websites.

Safe partying

For many teenagers, socialising is an important activity and 'partying' is considered part of becoming a young adult. Partying develops and enhances social skills and extends networks of friends.

There can, however, be potential risks associated with parties and it is important to be aware of these in order to stay safe.

There are a number of websites that provide useful information on how to stay safe, things to be aware of and how to make safe decisions. Kids Helpline is a great place to start.

Finishing High School and heading off to Schoolies week celebrations is considered a rite of passage for many Year 12 students. Learning how to stay safe while having a good time on Schoolies is very important. Organisations such as Red Frogs provide information sessions in schools and support while young people are on Schoolies.

Valuable information for schools, parents and the community is available on the Queensland Government Schoolies website.

Drugs and alcohol

Teenagers may begin to see the use of drugs and alcohol as a normal part of socialising and having fun.

The irresponsible use of alcohol and drugs can lead to:

  • binge drinking or drinking too much on a single occasion
  • drink and drug driving
  • unsafe sex
  • impaired brain development
  • injury or death.

It is important that information on the impact and over use of alcohol and drugs including the associated risks is provided to and discussed with young people. It is important to provide facts to young people to assist them to learn about and discuss drug and alcohol related issues.

Alcohol is a commonly accepted and available drug in Australia. The tips for drinking responsibly website can provide a forum to open dialogue about alcohol use and provide young people with the tools to manage their use of alcohol.

Social networking

Social networking has become a vital form of communication for young people in recent years. However, there are risks associated with this, including the risk of personal information being accessed and identities stolen.

Stay Smart Online provides some useful information about staying safe.

Internet scams

There are a growing number of internet scams occurring throughout Australia. There a variety of ways that people are approached, including email scams, requests for advance payments, online shopping, fraudulent investment scams, and in some cases romance scams. The end result of all of them is to extort money from the targeted person.

There is some great advice about avoiding scams available on the Human Services website.

Personal safety

People with disability are at a higher risk of personal violence and abuse, therefore it is important to promote personal safety amongst this group of people.

Personal Safety Australia promotes the safety and wellbeing of all Australians, with programs tailored specifically for people with disability.

Last updated 17 October 2018