Speech-language pathology


Speech-language pathology in state schools

Our speech-language pathologists support students at school to:

  • communicate
  • understand and use language
  • develop literacy skills
  • participate in learning and other school activities
  • interact with other people
  • eat and drink safely.

What can I expect for my child?

Our speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work with the student, their family and the school team. The service will vary depending on what your child needs to be successful.

Your child might participate in:

  • learning activities with their class that have supports built in
  • programs delivered by school staff that have been trained by a speech-language pathologist
  • an assessment
  • individual or group therapy.

An important part of our service is building the skills of school staff to identify each student’s language and communication needs and how best to support them. SLPs will also provide advice, training and support for school staff and input into planning how your child will be taught and assessed. 

How do I access speech-language pathology for my child?

Talk to your child’s class teacher or the school principal if you think your child requires speech-language pathology to access or participate in their education.

The school will then consider if a referral is required. Speech-language pathology can only be requested by a teacher.

If the teacher makes a request for the service, they will ask you first. You can include information about your child and any concerns or goals you have in the request.

Who are the services for?

Speech-language pathology services are needs based, and are not available for all students. Your child may receive services if they:

  • attend a state primary, secondary or special school or early childhood development program
  • experience difficulties with speech, language or communication or with eating or drinking safely
  • require support from a speech-language pathologist to support their learning and participation at school.

Do you work with other providers?

Yes. If your child is receiving services from someone else, let us know so we can work with them. Your child will not be prevented from accessing our service if they are also getting speech-language pathology from another provider.

Can I be involved?

Yes. Talk to your SLP and the school team about these services.

50+ years of speech-language pathology in Education

We have been providing speech-language pathology for more than 50 years. We celebrated this milestone in 2016.

Learn more about the history of speech-language pathology service in Queensland state schools, from 1966 to 2016:

More information

Read Speech-language pathology services (PDF, 1MB) for more information.

Last updated 04 October 2019