Transition template package


This package provides a range of templates and activities that can be used to support the transition-to-Prep process for students with disability. These materials support the existing processes schools and teachers use for all students transitioning to Prep.

The package is organised into three areas:

  • Before enrolment forms and templates.
  • Transition meeting templates.
  • Transition support templates.

Further tips to support successful transition are available on the departmental Autism Hub and Reading Centre website. This information refers to students with autism, however, the information is useful for the diverse range of students.

Before enrolment forms and templates

School enrolment packages provide parents/carers with information about the school and essential forms and documents. While the enrolment process for children with disability is the same as the enrolment process for all children, school staff may choose to add the following documents to the enrolment package.

  • All about me (DOCX, 50KB)
    This template is designed to be completed by the child, with the assistance of the parents/carers, before the enrolment meeting. Alternatively, it can also be completed by the child and the early childhood education and care provider as a way of sharing information with the school.
  • All about my child: information from the parent/carer (DOC, 184KB)
    Parents/carers can complete this form
    • at home and share it with school staff at the enrolment meeting
    • at the enrolment meeting with school staff
    • at the transition meeting with the transition team.
    This form provides a valuable opportunity for school staff to begin communication with parents/carers and collect information on a range of topics of importance to families.
  • Prep postcard (PUB, 118KB)
    This Prep postcard can be personalised with a school logo and information. It is designed for use at 'Welcome to Prep' information sessions for parents/carers. The postcard provides an opportunity for parents/carers to give contact details directly to the school Prep coordinator so that an individual transition meeting can be organised. Alternatively parents/carers can use the school contact details to call and arrange a meeting themselves.

Transition meeting templates

Transition meetings assist the school to develop a deeper understanding of children transitioning to Prep. During the transition meeting participants:

  • share information, strategies and insights to support understanding of prior learning and refine the school's knowledge of the child and their needs
  • plan additional transition visits, and transition resources that are flexible and responsive to the child's needs
  • discuss community contacts and available resources.

The following resources can be used by schools to facilitate the transition meeting.

  • Transition meeting summary template (DOC,168KB)
    This template provides a summary of who attends the transition meetings, items that may be discussed and the information shared.
  • Transition activities template (DOC, 184KB)
    Use this template to record the transition activities that are planned to familiarise the child with the school. These experiences are in addition to those organised for all children (e.g. extra orientation and transition visits supporting the child to become more familiar with the school environment, routines and staff).

Transition support templates

The following templates can be used by schools when preparing resources to support the transition to Prep. If parents/carers permission is provided, electronic copies of the resources developed can be shared between the early childhood education and care provider, the family and the school.

  • Welcome to our school: Who's who in your school? (DOCX, 129KB)
    This template allows schools to insert images and text to provide a visual representation of the people important to the child's transition to Prep. The school, child and parents/carers can identify who they would like to include.
  • My new school story (DOC, 37KB)
    My new school story template is an editable resource that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the child. The book is prepared in collaboration with the parents/carers, the early childhood education and care providers, and other stakeholders in the year before entry to Prep.
    The book can be used as a talking point as it is shared with family and friends over the summer holiday period prior to commencing Prep. At the transition meeting the responsibilities for sharing the book are identified.
  • Transition to Prep for students with disability: Daily visual schedule template (DOCX, 765KB)
    This template can be used to develop a schedule to provide visual cues for the student about what is happening throughout the day. This can provide structure, routine and reassurance about when particular activities and transitions happen throughout the day.
Last updated 22 June 2020