Behaviour Management Plan



This funding is provided to:

  • ensure the provision of short-term alternative education programs for students at risk of or on suspension for 6 to 20 days
  • assist schools to provide for annual stock and requisites, petty cash and equipment, and materials for the behaviour management teacher.

Duration of program



State primary, secondary and special schools.

Allocation of funds

An amount of $840,800 is allocated between the regions each semester, based on the distribution of Behaviour Management staffing allocations through the Whole school support—Student Learning Resources (WSS-SLR) model. Regions then use clusters to determine the best use of funds, which may include payments to schools. Individual regional methodologies are as follows:

Metropolitan region

  • Funds are utilised in the following ways:
    • for those schools that participate in cluster services, funds are distributed to a base school to manage and coordinate program related expenses
    • some funds are distributed directly to schools to support program outcomes. This may include the purchase of resources, professional development and access to specialist support for identified students. Applications are considered on a case by case basis
    • remaining funds are held by the region to manage program outcomes, professional development, resources and kilometrics and to support emergent behaviour management concerns.

South East region

  • Funds are utilised as follows:
    • schools can apply for additional resources to support improvements in students’ behavioral engagement through an application process considered on a case by case basis
    • remaining funds are held by the region to manage program outcomes
    • funds are used to support regional and school based programs
    • kilometric allowance is paid for itinerant staff.

Darling Downs South West region

  • Funds are distributed to clusters using an 80% population weighting and a 20% Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) weighting. Clusters then determine the allocative model within that area.

North Coast region

  • Schools are able to apply for exceptional circumstances funding where there is an individual behaviour plan in place for a student/students with complex behaviours and the school has already used their resources to shift outcomes and more support is needed.
  • Some funds are held by the region to deliver program outcomes and support schools to build capability to manage complex student behaviour.

Central Queensland region

  • Funds are managed by a Behaviour Reference Group that considers submissions for funding from schools.
  • Some funding is used by the region to deliver program outcomes.

North Queensland region

  • Funds are used as follows:
    • a budget of approximately $8,000 is distributed to schools on a Behaviour Management FTE basis
    • additional allocations are provided to support the transition of excluded students and other students with diverse needs
    • some funds are held by the region to manage the program outcomes.

Far North Queensland region

  • Funds are distributed to schools and other agencies to support the provision of short-term, alternative education programs for students at risk of or on suspension for 6 to 20 days.
  • Distribution of funds is based on the service delivery needs and may include employment of and support to behaviour management teachers, transition officers, payment of training and program providers, and third party arrangements for case managers.

Payment details

Payment timelines will depend on individual regional methodologies.

Data requirements

DataSourceTime collected
EnrolmentCentre Information System (CIS) maintained by Performance Monitoring and ReportingJuly

Recoupment process

Recoupments of appropriations may be undertaken where funded activities or programs are cancelled or can no longer be delivered by the school.

How to apply

Access to funding under this program will depend on the specific regional funding allocation models. Please contact your local regional office for further information.


Central Queensland
Telephone: (07) 4842 8300

Darling Downs and South West
Telephone: (07) 4616 3771

Far North Queensland
Telephone: (07) 4037 3822

Telephone: (07) 3028 8052

North Coast
Telephone: (07) 3203 9000

North Queensland
Telephone: (07) 4758 3222

South East
Telephone: (07) 5656 6688

Last updated 14 January 2021