Funding is provided to the Brisbane School of Distance Education (Brisbane SDE) to:

  • deliver a distance kindergarten education program (eKindy) to children who cannot easily access a centre-based kindergarten program due to distance, a medical condition or itinerant family lifestyle.
  • deliver the eKindy program for 15 hours per week, 40 weeks per year, at no cost to eligible children.
  • ensure alignment of the eKindy program to the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline and the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • provide eKindy registration data to a third-party provider delivering the eKindy pod program both prior to the commencement of the school year and as required throughout the year.

Duration of program

2022 calendar year


To access eKindy, kindergarten children must meet the eligibility criteria specified under Part 1A, Distance education kindergarten learning program under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (EGPA).

The child must:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident (or the child of an Australian citizen or permanent resident); and
  • live at least 16km from the nearest centre-based service catering to kindergarten aged children; or
  • be unable to attend a centre-based service for more than 10 consecutive weeks due to the child's state of health; or
  • have an itinerant lifestyle, as defined in the EGPA.​

Allocation of funds

eKindy funding is based on the following funding formula:

  1. Brisbane SDE school allocative model, category A for Year Level Prep and Years 1 to 3 applied to eKindy at 0.54 FTE rate per registration plus an additional one-off administration payment of $3,200 to support provision of registration data to Early Childhood and Education Improvement (ECEI) and a third-party provider delivering the eKindy pod program.
  2. ICT subsidy for families of kindergarten children based on the Brisbane SDE ICT subsidy for school children (flat rate of $750 per child if registered for continuous 6 months).

Service delivery requirements:

  • Teacher-led delivery of individual kindergarten sessions for a minimum of 1 hour per week, with teacher support provided to parents to deliver the remaining eKindy learning program at home (e.g. up to 14 hours per week).
  • Cancel registrations where a family has not participated in eKindy for 10 consecutive weeks by not engaging in distance education sessions.
  • Delivery of eKindy activity days at least once per term (separate to eKindy pods) to enable groups of eKindy registered children to learn and interact with peers.
  • Provide child transition statements with parental consent, in accordance with the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority to schools in Term 4 to support a child's entry into Prep.
  • Data reporting as required by ECEI and third-party provider delivering the eKindy pod program.
  • Participation in quarterly meetings with ECEI to review and discuss eKindy program implementation, including addressing emerging trends, risks, opportunities and solutions to improve early learning and development outcomes for children.

Payment details

PaymentDuring month ofProportion of allocation paid
Semester 1​March 2022
  • eKindy registrations (actual)
  • eKindy pod administration payment (one-off)
Semester 2 + Round 1 ICTSeptember ​2022
  • eKindy registrations (actual)
  • ICT grant Round 1 (actual)
Semester 1 reconciliationSeptember 2022
  • Semester 1 adjustment - negotiated as required
​Round 2 ICT
​November 2022
  • ICT grant Round 2 (actual)​
​​Semester 2 reconciliation​November 2022
  • ​Semester 2 adjustment - negotiated as required

One School revenue account 1130 and expense account 2079 are to be used for payment and expenditure of funds under this appropriation.

Data requirements

DataSourceTime collected
Day 20 eKindy registration dataBrisbane SDEDay 20, Term 1 (4 March 2022)​
(submitted 7 March 2022)​
Day 20, Term 3 (5 August 2022)​
(submitted 9 August 2022)​
Ad hoc reporting as required
​End of Semester eKindy registration data ​Brisbane SDE​9 August 2022 (Semester 1)
19 October 2022 (Semester 2)
ICT grant eligibility​Brisbane SDE​9 August 2022 (Round 1)
19 October 2022 (Round 2)
eKindy pod registration data​Brisbane SDE​4 November – 8 December 2021 (fortnightly)
21 January 2022​​


eKindy payments may be adjusted against end of semester registration data for the 2022 calendar year. Any funding adjustments will be negotiated with Brisbane SDE and progressed as part of the September or November payments, as required.  ​

Further information

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Last updated 18 February 2022