Homework Centres in state schools



To assist up to 120 schools to establish an after-school homework centre to provide a supportive and supervised environment for students to do their homework before leaving school.

Duration of program



State schools

Allocation of funds

$8 million over 4 years (Election Commitment). This new initiative will see students provided with onsite, after-school supervision by teacher aides, and includes a resource grant for schools to support implementation.

Funding is provided to support the delivery of Homework Centre programs through:

  • Wages—up to 3 teacher aides per Homework Centre will be funded for up to 3 hours per week (maximum 9 teacher aide hours per week) for 30 weeks per year, for up to 4 years.
  • Resource funds—$200 per week per site for 30 weeks per year, for up to 4 years to enable the school to purchase healthy food and snacks for students, and other materials and resources to support the operation of the Homework Centres, for example, stationery, learning materials, and books.

It will be the responsibility of principals to manage Homework Centres, and teacher aides to supervise students.

The regions will be allocated a number of Homework Centres proportionate to the number of schools within a region as set out below.

​Region​Number of Homework Centres
​Central Queensland​18
​Darling Downs South West​20
​Far North Queensland​11
​North Coast​21
​North Queensland​11
​South East​16

Regions will undertake an evaluation of the allocation of Homework Centres in May each year with subsequent changes to identified sites where applicable. Evaluation will include opportunities for schools to express interest if there are sites identified as not meeting the Homework Centre criteria or if a school community decides they no longer wish to host a Homework Centre.

The Regional panels will include members such as:

  1. Principal representatives
  2. Regional representatives
  3. Union representatives
  4. P&Cs Queensland representative (where applicable).

Payment details

​Payment​During month of​Proportion of allocation paid
​Semester 1​June​100%

Data requirements

​Data item​Data source​Due date
​Teacher aide wages​Salary schedule​As at end of May each year

How to apply

Should state schools be able to nominate to host a Homework Centre from 2022, the following criteria will need to be addressed.

  • Has the school reported a need to support students and families with after-school programs? Schools may identify need through analysis of the following:
    • availability of after-school care for students (that is, there is no OSHC service or limited spaces available​)
    • A-E reporting data
    • numbers of students experiencing vulnerability, for example Australian Early Development Census data and Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage (ICSEA) data
    • numbers of students requiring additional support.
  • Is there capacity for teacher aides to supervise students?
  • Has the school considered the impact of a Homework Centre on an Outside School Hours Care (OSHC), private tutoring or commercial service?
  • Has the health, safety and wellbeing of students been considered through staff supervision arrangements and will all staff have first aid qualifications, access to first aid kits and have specialised medical/health training where required
  • Is there a designated, safe, suitable and accessible location on the school site that is easily accessible for student sign-out and pick up?


Central Queensland
Phone: (07) 4842 8329

Darling Downs South West
Phone: (07) 4616 3743

Far North Queensland
Phone: (07) 4095 6805

Phone: (07) 3634 ​0515

North Coast
Phone: (07) 4155 7516​

North Queensland
Phone: (07) 4758 3312

South East
Phone: (07) 5656 6681

Last updated 21 February 2023