KindyLinQ is a targeted program designed to enhance children's wellbeing prior to school and strengthen the capability of families to support their children's learning and development. It provides an opportunity for the host school to forge strong and supportive links between home, early childhood services and the community.

KindyLinQ is a strategy to support a 'soft' entry to kindergarten for families who may not yet have considered enrolling in an approved kindergarten program. It targets children in the year prior to kindergarten.

Funding paid under this appropriation applies to a calendar year (paid in 2 semester payments) to schools implementing the KindyLinQ program to registered children. Funding paid under this appropriation must be used as allocated to meet mandatory program requirements (particularly staffing levels within schools).

Funds cannot be redirected to purposes outside those identified in this appropriation without central office approval.

Duration of program



Locations are selected in consultation with regions and schools using a range of data (spatial modelling), including Australian Early Development Census vulnerability data. In addition, regions also used contextual factors to select schools such as ‘greenfield’ communities.

Critical success factor (used to identify the schools within locations):

  • School principals are committed and have capability and capacity to lead the work in their community.
  • Placement in communities that are not already over-saturated with family services (that families utilise).
  • Capability of principal, teacher and community worker to build relationships that support a partnership approach.
  • Flexibility to adapt program location and schedule to meet the needs of families.
  • The teacher has the skills and knowledge (or ability to quickly acquire) to embed the principles, practices and outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework into the KindyLinQ program.
  • Commitment to recognising the ongoing role families play in building their children’s capabilities.

Allocation of funds

A total of 40 schools have been identified to participate in this program.

Identified schools that choose to implement the program will be provided the following funding:

Registered teacher (Band 3.4) 0.3 FTE$24,591
Per annum
Early Years Support Coordinator (A03) 0.3 FTE (Role description Job Evaluation Number 19492)$27,065Per annum
Holiday pay 30 days (for continuing schools)
  • Registered teacher (Band 3.4) 0.2 FTE
  • Early Years Support Coordinator (A03) 0.3 FTE
Per annum
One-off Resource Grant (for new school only)$5,000One-off
Consumables$1,000Per annum

The most current Human Resources (HR) salary schedule, at the time of payment, will be used to determine the entitlement for the salaries components of this funding.

Schools are required to record all KindyLinQ expenditure (salaries and consumable costs in a school related KindyLinQ cost centre).

Payment details

PaymentDuring month of
Proportion of allocation paid
Semester 1November monthly payment year prior50%
Semester 2May monthly payment current year

AdhocIn line with the monthly payment50%

Adhoc payments will be made where new host schools commence after the semester payment is finalised.

Payments are made in advance, e.g. Semester 1 payment made in November of the prior year and Semester 2 payment made in May current year.

Data requirements

Host schools implementing the program are required to submit program data as requested by regions and Central Office including (but not limited to):

Data itemData sourceDue date
Commencement data
School registration forms
Term 1, 2023
Weeks 3, 6 and 9
Attendance data
School attendance spreadsheets
Last Friday of each term, 2023

Data snapshot report
School implementation
Last Friday in Term 2, 2023
Kindergarten transition survey
Transition survey
Last Friday in Term 4, 2023

Recoupment policy

Funding is provided to schools to implement the KindyLinQ program and is paid on the basis that eligible children are registered and attending the program. Where a school has been identified and received funding and not implemented the program in line with the KindyLinQ Return on Investment Thresholds, a recoupment will be made as per the guidance note, recoupment of KindyLinQ resourcing.

Documents are available upon request by emailing​​​

How to apply

There is no application required for this funding. Schools will be identified in consultation with regions and principals. Entitlements will be automatically calculated and paid on a six monthly basis.

For further information, please refer to the KindyLinQ webpage. Alternatively, please contact the manager for Quality Early Learning.


Quality Early Learning Early Childhood Programs and Innovation
Early Childhood
Telephone: (07) 3328 6733

Last updated 21 February 2023