Miscellaneous appropriation



To facilitate payments to state schools that are not part of an existing appropriation program and are of an adhoc / one-off nature.

Duration of program



State schools

Allocation of funds

2024 year-to-date appropriations are listed below.

Current school year

Queensland Pathways State College Toowoomba campus establishment

This $250,000 payment supports the establishment of the Queensland Pathways State College (QPSC) Toowoomba campus, providing confidential meeting spaces for a range of personnel including Guidance Officer, Allied Health professionals, and senior leadership team members as well as the purchase of necessary furniture and equipment to establish a new school campus.

QPSC's senior transitions program for students in Years 10–12 (15 years and older) focuses on student-centred learning, wellbeing, vocational development, and community partnerships, aiming to facilitate pathways to post-school education, training, or employment for those facing barriers to mainstream education.

Previous school year

Alannah and Madeline Foundation eSmart Schools Framework

This payment is to assist schools who expressed an interest in delivering the eSmart programs in partnership with the Dolly’s Dream Foundation. Each successful school will receive the one-off payment of $5,500 to support their participation in the Framework. Where a school(s) opt to not participate in the program, a recoupment can occur and the funds may be allocated to another interested school. This program is timed to cease in mid-2023.

Be Well Learn Well program (BWLW)

The BWLW program has been re-evaluated so that each participating BWLW school is able to access additional allied health services as agreed by the BWLW Sustainability Board (the Board).

The Board recommendations suggest reorienting the delivery of allied health services to an internal model, focusing on increasing departmental allied health full-time equivalent (FTE), health practitioner, project officer FTE and community navigator roles to explicitly work with identified schools. A total of $160,000 (excluding GST), being a one-off payment of $20,000 (excluding GST) for each participating BWLW school to access additional allied health services as agreed by the Board.

Food programs in Queensland state schools

To support the operation of food programs in Queensland state schools, one-off funding of approximately $1,420,700 will be allocated to identified Queensland state schools. This funding will be distributed among 63 partnership initiative and educational precincts schools with amounts ranging from $5,000 to $15,000, based on student enrolment numbers.

​An additional 798 schools with an Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) of 1,000 or less will receive funding of between $500 to $2,000 based on student enrolment numbers. An additional $100 will be provided to schools categorised as remote or very remote. Funds will be distributed in Term 4, 2023 and may be utilised by schools to support their existing or commence a new school food program.

Gardens in schools—Tagai State College

Gardens in schools will be a vehicle for teaching and learning across the curriculum and used to achieve sustainability in a school community. In addition, school gardens can provide outdoor learning environments that develop skills and understandings while valuing a positive relationship with natural environments and promoting the sustainable use of these environments. The budget of $170,000 is to be paid to the Tagai State College campuses as a one-off ‘seeding appropriation’ for 2022–23 under this project, which will run until June 2025.

Queensland Children’s Hospital School (QCHS) project funding 2023

This payment of $313,260 is to support the QCHS to progress the department’s hospital education project work. This project work will expand the virtual hospital education program to regional and rural hospitals, support students who have left a hospital education program and have a lengthy recovery at home before returning to school, evaluate education programs as part of adolescent mental health programs and work with the Department of Health to develop 8 new facilities with education programs.

Social cohesion wellbeing support

This Australian government funded payment is to support schools impacted by recent geo-political events, through the delivery of additional funding for extra mental health and wellbeing resources and initiatives. Each school will receive a one-off payment of $8,515.79 or $12,500. Allocations have been calculated by Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) census data on impacted schools.

Student Wellbeing Boost (SWB)

This Australian-government-funded payment is to support schools to respond to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health and wellbeing of students, through the delivery of additional funding for extra mental health and wellbeing resources and initiatives. Each school will receive a one-off payment of $10,000, $19,095 or $50,000.

Allocations will be calculated by the department based on each school’s schooling resource standard. This one-off funding will be provided by 30 June 2023 to all schools that were operational in Term 1 2023.

Supporting development and mobility of high potential teachers to regional, rural and remote teaching locations

This payment to Kelvin Grove State College will allow its teacher enhancement centre to work with South East Queensland universities and clusters of schools across Queensland to facilitate discovery experiences, practicum placements, mentoring support and transition to employment in rural, remote, and high-priority locations. A one-off payment of $1.5 million will provide the centre with necessary funding certainty for operations to continue for 3 years from 2023-25, reflecting a system investment in teaching expertise and workforce mobility and enhancing the quality of teaching in regional, rural and remote locations.

Payment details

As per individual appropriation.

Each payment must be approved by an Assistant Director-General.

How to apply

Schools do not need to apply for these funds.


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Last updated 22 April 2024