The National Student Wellbeing Program (NSWP) and the non-recurrent State Government Chaplain Student Wellbeing Officer Program 2023–2027



To assist schools in the provision of chaplaincy and student wellbeing officer (formerly 'student welfare worker') services. State schools do not directly employ chaplains or student wellbeing officers and are required to engage workers through an Accredited Employing Authority (AEA).

Duration of program

2019–2027 (current program 2023–2027)


State and non-state schools.

Allocation of funds

In Semester 2 2019, all Queensland schools were invited to apply for funding under the former National School Chaplaincy Program and the non-recurrent State Government funding program for the 2020–2022 school years. A cross-sector panel was established, consisting of the Queensland Department of Education, Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) and Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) representatives.

By agreement of the cross-sector panel, the allocation of funding to schools at the time was determined by each school sector with consideration of factors, such as the number of full-time equivalent student enrolments, continuity of service provision, socio-economic disadvantage, geographic location and other characteristics of the school community.

For 2023, schools that received government funding for these services in 2020–2022 will continue to receive the same level of funding for an additional year in 2023 (excluding schools that received one-off funds). This includes both NSWP and non-recurrent State Government funding.

In 2023, all Queensland schools will be invited to apply for funding for the 2024–2027 school years.

Non-state schools are paid through their representative organisation (QCEC and ISQ).

Service Agreements with QCEC and ISQ allow for $125,000 per annum each in NSCP administrative funding to be paid by 30 November 2023.

Payment details

Type Time Proportion
Semester 1By March50%
Semester 2By July50%
ISQ and QCEC Administrative FundsOctober/November100%
As required – reallocated recovered funds (see recoupment process)In line with monthly payments100%

Data requirements

The AEA is required to provide quarterly reports to the Department of Education, which includes information on:

  • schools serviced, including active schools and vacancies
  • type and number of key personnel at each school
  • hours per term the arrangement services are provided
  • confirmation that key personnel meet the minimum qualifications for the service provided.

Recoupment process

The quarterly reports provided to the Department of Education by a school-contracted AEA include evidence of service delivery in order to demonstrate that funding allocation is being utilised for the ongoing engagement of a chaplain or student wellbeing officer. Schools unable to demonstrate the expenditure of these allocated funds on an ongoing basis may risk losing their funding allocation.

In these instances, funds may be recouped by the Department of Education and re-allocated.

How to apply

Government funding for chaplaincy and student wellbeing officer services for the 2023 school year is fully allocated.

In 2023, all Queensland schools will be invited to apply for government funding for the 2024–2027 school years.

Further information

Visit the chaplaincy and student wellbeing officer services page for more information.


Statewide Operations
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Last updated 22 March 2023